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2014 Paddling Buyer's Guide Released

2014 Paddling Buyer's Guide Released

Featuring 501 of the best boats and gear—get it here!

The Canoe Collector

The Canoe Collector

Inside the wicked romance of America's largest pleasure craft collection.

Alone and Unafraid

Alone and Unafraid

Paddling solo: Finding fear in all the wrong places.

High Water Holy Grail

High Water Holy Grail

Stakeout defines the freestyle scene with three weeks of party, play and perfect levels

VIDEO: Back to Back Gators

VIDEO: Back to Back Gators

Two gator trout are a good sign while pre-fishing for a tournament.

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    • Daily Photo: Hector Lake

      Daily Photo: Hector Lake

      This GoPro photo was sent in by Chad Townsend from Webbed Paddles and it was taken on Hector Lake in Banff National Park last summer. …
      See It Now
    • Video: Short Stories from Russia, part 4

      "Summer of 2013 a international team of paddlers went to Russia to paddle some of the classic rivers in the Altai region. After a long…
      See it Now
    • IFA Atlantic Division events set for May 3-4.
    Check out the latest dispatch from the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour about their schedule…
    • Over $20,000 in cash prizes, stiff competition and excitement.
     Check out the full results of the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club's Paddle…
    • Must love to paddle, bike, ski and have an aversion to suits, traffic and smog.
    World’s best paddlesports media company seeking creative, energetic, self-directed, detail-oriented designer for…
    • A racey canoe for taking on the miles
    This boat review of the Wenonah Advantage canoe first appeared in the…
    • The new boat is designed with serious anglers in mind.
    Kaku Kayak has just released information about their new fishing kayak, the Wahoo 12…

Gear Bag

  • Watershed makes bomber bags. I've used mine for precious cargo on countless trips—I've stuffed it with expensive camera gear, essential layers of warm clothing, maps,…

Weekend Plans

  • “I think we should cross to the mainland instead of Kang Khao Island,” I said to my paddling partner halfway across Ratchakrut Channel. “The wind…

Paddling Gourmet

  •   This time-tested recipe for how to smoke fish in the backcountry was first published in Canoeroots and Family Camping magazine.  It’s hard to argue…

Level Up Your Skills

  • Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade International learned this simple technique from his dentist, he says (hence the funny name). The Haghigi is perfect for…
    • 10 Questions with a kayak fishing tourney master.
    Dave Easton is a tournament kayak angler from San Diego, California. Get his tips and secrets to become a better tournament angler: Team: Wilderness Systems, OEX Kayaks (San Diego) and UniButter Kayak: Right now the Tarpon 160. Winning Record: I am a three-time Plastic Navy 2005/2006 then Kayak Fishing Addicts 2012 tournament trail angler of the year. In the years I did not…
    • The hardest to catch by the most rewarding to land.
    Just because a kayak angler is paddle powered and sitting on plastic, doesn't mean he shies away from a challenge. Targeting the toughest fish from the toughest fishing platform gets us fired up! Kayak Angler asked six pros for the hardest species of fish that they seek out. Here's what they told us:  1) Cj Siebler, Wilderness Systems pro staffer, 13 year kayak fishing…
    • What you didn't know about fishing lures, but should.
    1) The world's most expensive lure costs over a million dollars. It is made from three pounds of gold and platinum and encrusted with 4,753 stones, including 100 carats of diamonds. The offshore, chugger-style lure is 12 inches long and called MacDaddy. 2) In 1894, James Heddon invented the first topwater fishing lure when he carved a wooden broom handle…
    • How Tevas became the boots of the working-class river world
    In 1984 one Grand Canyon river guide singlehandedly launched the sport sandal market by beefing up his flip flops with an extra ankle strap. It was the start of Teva, and by the end of the decade, his simple sandal fix had become an outdoor giant and marketing sensation. Teva’s custom webbing designs and all manner of Velcro straps brought…


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  • Mud Pots and Pelicans

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