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  • A landed Redfish.

    Why We Paddle for Fish

    I saw a hint of movement. Then I saw the triangle and the lone dot pop up above the surface like Morse code shorthand for “Here I am”. I was too far away to cast so I picked up my Werner Hooked Shuna and made three whisper silent stokes towards the fish. I…


  • How to Gain Control by Running Rapids with Cross Current Speed

    How to Gain Control By Running Rapids With Cross Current Speed

    In this video the Aquabatics Calgary team explain and demonstrate how to 'get of the freight train' of running rapids. This tutorial highlights how to use cross current speed in rapids to start catching and tagging eddies to slow downstream momentum and to…


  • What type of paddler are you - Part 1 - Whitewater vs Crossover

    How to Pick a Kayak Series - Part 1 - Whitewater vs Crossover

    The Aquabatics Calgary 'What type of paddler am I series' is an online information source to try and help you decide what kind of kayaking is right for you. In this episode we tackle the often asked question for newer paddlers, should I get a pure whitewater…


  • High Angle vs Low Angle Paddling Styles

    How to Choose a Recreational Paddling Style

    In this video, the Aquabatics Calgary crew help new recreational paddlers determine their preferred paddling style, High Angle or Low Angle. Each style has its own application, pros and cons. This tutorial will help you determine which style works for you…


  • How to Choose a Recreational Kayak Paddle

    How to Choose a Recreational Kayak Paddle

    This online tutorial will help newer recreational paddlers make an informed purchasing decision for their first kayak paddle. There is so much information out there, and so many different options and manufacturers. Here we try to simplify the process int…


  • Beginners Guide to Whitewater Kayak Gear

    Beginners Guide to Whitewater Kayaking Gear

    This video is to help those new to the sport of whitewater kayaking figure out the gear they need to get started. It is shot and edited from the standpoint of knowing little to nothing about what is required to safely and comfortably get into whitewater…


  • How to Boof Using Cross Current Speed

    Video: How to Boof a Kayak

    This tutorial is a 3 step breakdown on how to perform a basic boof using cross current speed. Many intermediate paddlers think the boof is just a big vertical stroke. This is a bit of a misconception and we have found this teaching progression is a great way…


  • AQUABATICSstream
    Video: How to do a Loop

    Over the many years, I have been teaching kayakers it has always been a goal of mine to stay current with the evolution of our sport. This has meant many minor (and some major) tweaks to teaching progressions to ensure that our team is delivering content and…


  • A female paddler gets into a kayak from shore.

    Video: 6 Steps To Get In And Out Of Your Kayak

    As a specialty kayak retailer, we are the first information source for many people when they are thinking about purchasing or kayaking for the first time. When we chat with people considering sea or recreational kayaking, one of the most common discussion…


  • A video from Aquabatics Calgary showing how to id carve and spin momentum.

    Video: How To ID Spin Vs Carve Momentum

    In this skills video Simon Coward from Aquabatics Calgary helps both beginner and advanced paddlers identify the difference between spin and carve momentum. The value in understanding the difference between these two kinds of momentum are that they will…


  • Simon Coward from Aquabatics Calgary demonstrates the hanging stern draw on a river

    Video: How To Do The Hanging Stern Draw

    Are you an intermediate or advanced paddler looking to add some new techniques to your skill bank this season? In this skills video, Simon Coward from Aquabatics Calgary introduces the hanging stern draw. This underused by seriously useful skill that uses…


  • Simon from Aquabatics Calgary demonstrates how to do a carving eddy turn
  • Simon Coward from Aquabatics Calgary demonstrates a kayak sweep stroke in his orange boat.
  • Simon Coward from Aquabatics Calgary shows a paddler how to wet exit a kayak.
  • Remember to dress for immersion

    Keep Kayak Fishing Safe -Dress for Immersion

    Bob is a kayak fishing enthusiast who loves gear. He wants every advantage he can get on the water, but sometimes he forgets that what he wears is important too. One simple choice makes all the difference for Bob. Choosing to dress for immersion makes your…


  • Bring a buddy when out on the water

    How to Paddle a SUP Safer: The Buddy System

    It may seem adventurous to go out on the water alone, but this leaves you without help when something does go wrong. Having a paddling buddy allows you both to enjoy a safe trip, and gives you the support you need should something happen. Practice safe SUP…


  • Always wear your lifejacket.

    Keep Kayak Fishing Safe - Wear your Lifejacket

    This is Ted. Ted is a kayak fishing enthusiast. For Ted, efficiency and speed always come first, but this leaves Ted unprepared for his kayaking experience. One simple choice makes all the difference for Ted. Just grab your PFD before heading out onto the…


  • An overhead shot of a man paddling a standup paddleboard

    How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Don't Paddle Impaired

    There are few things better than relaxing after a long day and having a few drinks with friends. But paddling impaired is dangerous. Take Jeffrey from this video for instance. Jeffrey is a SUP enthusiast, but he also crumbles under peer pressure. When…



    How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Dress For Immersion

    Everyone likes to look cool. But don't let your desire to be cool overweigh your need to be safe. When paddling a SUP, be sure to dress for immersion. Looking cool is not near as important as staying dry when you inevitable fall off your standup paddleboard.…


  • Two men eating hotdogs under an umbrella

    How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Check The Forecast

    So you're a SUP enthusiast. We get it, we are SUP enthusiasts too. But, like Sterling in the video below, it is easy to be so excited to get to the water that you forget to check the weather. Make sure you practice safe SUP techniques. Check the weather…


  •  An overhead shot of a river

    How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Wear A Leash And PFD

    This is Randall. Randall is a standup paddleboard enthusiast. But Randall gets easily distracted. We know, like Randall, you are a standup paddleboard enthusiast. You want to pack your camera, Go-Pro and all the other cool accessories to make your trip the…


  • Man paddling a yellow stand up paddleboard

    Video: Water Safety with Kai Lenny

    Maui-resident Kai Lenny, seven-time stand up paddle board champion and all around professional waterman, joins the United States Coast Guard to promote water safety from sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. Lenny addresses the viability and ease of lifejacket use and…


  • A SUP paddler paddling in calm water.

    How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Know Your Limits

    We all know the feeling, you are the proud owner of a new kayak or SUP. You want to get on the water immediately. But you have to be careful to not get in over your head. You have to know your limits. When you take your SUP out for it’s first test run, you…


  • A group of kayakers paddling near a barge.

    How To Share The Waterways

    As summer gets closer and more boats are hitting the water, it is important for everyone on the water to be aware of others sharing the waterway. The United States Coast Guard has issued Marine Safety Alert 04-17, a shared waterway alert. “This Safety Alert…


  • A stranded kayaker calls
  • A stranded kayaker calls for help over a radio on a rock beach.
  • Paul Kuthe demonstrates how to deal with a flipped kayak.
  • Paul Kuthe navigates a busy harbour on a kayak.
  • Paula and Kate Kuthe give tips on how to plan a safe and enjoyable kayaking trip.
  • It's important for new paddlers to be smart, be safe, and have fun.
  • Learn the basics of paddling a kayak with Paul and Kate Kuthe.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard requires all paddlers to carry a whistle or sound-signaling device.
  • Paddlers are faced with all types of weather. Dress properly to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Paul Kuthe paddles a sit-on Kayak on the ocean.


Article count: 183

Boat Review: Vibe Sea Ghost 110

Written by Ric Burnley
As a life-long kayak angler, author of a book on kayak fishing and editor of Kayak Angler magazine, conversations with friends and strangers often start when I’m…
Inflatable kayaks are blowing up on the kayak fishing scene as more anglers realize they can transport, store and use these boats almost anywhere. To meet…
Two years ago at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, I had to sign a legal paper swearing me to secrecy before I was led into a small…

Boat Review: BOTE HD

Written by Ric Burnley
There was a time when I wrote off standup paddleboards as inefficient platforms best only for skinny, sheltered waters and quick trips on calm days. After…
When I first saw the Pau Hana Endurance touring board at last year’s Outdoor Retailer show I couldn’t wait to take it fishing. Even though…

Redesigned Perception Pescador

Written by Ric Burnley
From a new line of fishing accessories to feature packed fishing kayaks, there’s always a lot of bling in the Confluence line of kayaks. At…

Bonafide Kayaks Deeper Look

Written by Ric Burnley
All summer everyone has been talking about the new Bonafide kayaks from the mad scientists at YakAttack. We’ve heard about the ride and the stability…

The BOTE Rover

Written by Ric Burnley
When BOTE introduced the Rover motor-powered paddleboard at ICAST in July, anglers started arguing about the soul of the vessel. Will it perform like a…
Two years ago, FeelFree designed a do-it-all-boat for the big box super sporting goods store Cabelas. That boat inspired them to release the design as…

Fresh Look Kaku Voodoo

Written by Ric Burnley
The development of hybrid kayaks and standup paddleboards moved into the fast lane at Paddlesports Retailer with the release of Kaku’s Voodoo SUP. Designer and…
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  • Group photo of the TRAK 20/20 Team members

    TRAK 20/20 Team: Pacific Rim Surf Camp

    It began with the need for a vision. The TRAK team had spent the months prior to our Pacific Rim Surf Camp developing improvements to our kayak and creating useful peripherals that would enhance the performance of our boats and the experience of their…



Article count: 50
When Wenonah Canoes’ new T-Formex Spirit II showed up at the Canoeroots office last fall in all its cherry-red glory, its mere existence marked the beginning of…

Esquif Canoes At Paddlesports Retailer

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The word of the week at Paddlesports Retailer 2017 was T-formex. Esquif Canoes brought three new boats built out of this material.  The first two…
Mad River Canoe brought the new Explorer 16 to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. These canoes we’re previously built with royalex but Mad River Canoe wasn't happy…

First Look: Nova Craft Fox Solo Canoe

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Nova Craft Canoe has introduced an excellent new solo canoe, the 14-foot Fox. The volume of this canoe is what really sets it apart from…
Northstar Canoes brought its new products to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. The highlight is the IXP lamination, designed to be extremely tough. This makes Northstar Canoes…
All photos by Frank Wolf  When plastics conglomerate Poly-One shut down production of Royalex in 2013, canoe manufacturers scrambled to replace the favored hull material…
Nestled amongst the carbon fiber hulls, sleek silhouettes and gorgeous cherry wood trims in the Canoeroots garage, the Discovery 169 stands alone. It’s a little thicker…

Boat Review: Trailhead Canoe Regen 17

Written by Canoeroots Staff
Trailhead has a long history of providing the ideal canoe for northern river expeditions. Since 1976, the Ottawa-based retail shop has produced their own canoes,…

Boat Review: Wenonah Minnesota II

Written by Canoeroots Staff
We wanted to get into the backcountry fast and fly across the portage trails. Our ride for this ambitious 60-kilometer weekend route was Wenonah’s sleek…

Boat Review: Pakboats PakCanoe 170

Written by Canoeroots Staff
Good things come in medium-sized packages. Isn’t that the age-old wisdom? It's certainly true of the PakCanoe 170 by Pakboats. Rolled up, this 58-pound folding…
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Article count: 114

Boat Review: Pyranha Machno

Written by Dan Caldwell
I’m looking forward to telling you what I think of the new Machno from Pyranha. But first I’d like to invite you to take a…

Esquif Canoes Whitewater Canoes

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Esquif canoes were one of the first brands to use rotomolded polyethylene in canoes. And as time has gone on, the rotomolded canoes have gotten…

Dagger Kayaks Phantom

Written by Rapid Media Staff
After spending a few years as an under-the-radar passion project, Dagger Kayaks has revealed the Phantom. The Phantom is about nine-foot long and is a…

Pyranha Kayaks Ripper

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The Pyranha Kayaks Ripper has a steep bow rocker, with a full volume bow. There are added handles, for extra rescue options, so you can…

Jackson Kayak Mix Master First Look

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Named after the infamous Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, the new Jackson Kayak Mix Master will allow you to mix and master old…

Hala Gear River Running Paddleboards

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Hala Gear brought their river-specific boards to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. Hala is about design and technology, they are known for innovation. On of these innovations…
AIRE brings two decades of inflatable experience to their new fleet of SUPs and it shows. New for 2018 is the Tango SUP. The Tango…
To call a spade a spade is to tell it like it is. Some people might be offended by this straight talk and consider you…

Boat Review: Silverbirch Covert 9.3

Written by Scott MacGregor
Last fall, Steve Childs, the designer and owner of Silverbirch Canoes, called and said he’d snuck the very first Covert into the country and asked…

Boat Review: Dagger's New Nomad

Written by Dan Caldwell
If you're like me, you’ve got a favorite hoodie and pairs of pants and shoes that you never want to let go of. You’re comfortable…
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Article count: 154

Hurricane Kayaks Sweetwater 126

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Hurricane Kayaks are known for their lightweight kayaks. The Sweetwater 126 is no exception. This boat is a little more than 12-foot long and 33-inches…

PakBoats Quest 150

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The updated pakboats 150 has some new features. It has an enchanced system for better stiffness in the midsection of the boat. It also can…

Redesigned Wilderness Systems Tsunami

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Wilderness Systems gave the iconic Tsunami a facelift. The tried and true model has a much more modern look. The new look adds structure to…

First Look: C4 Waterman Holo Holo 2

Written by Rapid Media Staff
C4 Waterman knows that not everyone has a roof rack or a trailer. So they have broken their popular Holo Holo board down into two…

Perception Updates Pescador Line

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Perception’s Pescador Pro is one of the best kayaks on the market for the money. Now you can add the original Pescador to that list.…

Hurricane Kayaks Santee 110 Sport

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Hurricane kayaks are introducing a new boat to their ABS-thermafoamed plastic boat line, the Santee 110 Sport. At 33-pounds and 11-foot long, the Santee 110…

Current Designs Serene

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The Current Designs Serene is a recreational kayak for all types of paddlers. At only 31-pounds, you can throw this kayak over your shoulder and…

Riot Kayaks Pedal Drive

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Riot kayaks knows that some people love their pedal drive hull, but not the drive itself and have sought to solve that predicament. Along with…

Current Designs' Updated Vision Series

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Current Designs Kayaks have updated their Vision 140 and Vision 130 kayaks. The hull has stayed the same while the deck has been updated with…

Stellar Kayaks Intrepid LV First Look

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Stellar Kayaks took their Intrepid kayak and made a lower volume version. It is a classic British/Greenland style boat with an increased bow rocker.  The…
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    Video: The Canoe Film Has Been Released

    Last week, we shared the strikingly gorgeous trailer for The Canoe. This week, we get to share the entire film. Goh Iromoto, the filmmaker known for The Path of Grey Owl, and We Belong To It, now brings us a spectacular nod to our nation's most treasured…


  • The Canoe Trailer

    Video: The Canoe Trailer

    Goh Iromoto’s filmmaking paired with James Raffan’s tremendously scripted words of reflection make this short film a natural fit for the Reel Paddling Film Festival. The Canoe is a powerful film highlighting the nation’s history while looking towards our…


    Video: Wabakimi's Amazing Canoe Routes

    Northern Ontario's Wabakimi Provincial Park is the largest wilderness paddling area in the world. It's bigger than Quetico, the Boundary Waters, Voyageur National Park and Woodland Caribou combined, according to Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters' Bruce Hyer. Last…


    The Owl in the Pines: Ray Mears and His Childhood Hero

    It’s just an ordinary beaver lodge—a dome-shaped mass of sticks plastered with mud. It’s situated on a small pond, halfway down the Wakimika River in northern Ontario’s famed Temagami wilderness. Five of us, floating in three canoes, gather round with cameras…


    Video: New Ecolodge in the Heart of Woodland Caribou Park

    Harlan Schwartz from Red Lake Outfitters speaks with publisher Scott MacGregor on the brand new Ecolodge in the middle of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Woodland Caribou's canoe tripping wilderness provides remote solitude and amazing wildlife viewing…


    Rapid's Backyard Bucket List

    It’s hard to be humble about our home when the spring thaw begins and paddlers from every corner of the Earth trickle into the Ottawa Valley. Three hours from New York’s northern border and two hours west of Canada’s capital city, the Ottawa Valley is nestled…


    Video: Voyageur Wilderness Programme's Best Of Quetico

    Voyageur Wilderness Programme's Madeleine Savoie shares highlights of bring a one-stop-shop for canoeists entering Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park. Whether you're looking to test yourself and paddle far into the wilderness, run rapids and bath in…


    Following the Path of the Group of Seven

    The bows of our sea kayaks part clear waters. A jumble of boulders lurks beneath, descending from the cobble beach ahead. To our left a rock face plunges into the depths, gripped by tenacious old cedars and gnarled pine, permanently bent against the…


    Video: 5 Reasons To Paddle the Madawaska River

    At Canoecopia 2016, Tom from the Madawaska Kanu Centre shares the highlights of paddling the Madawaska River. It's such a great place to paddle, more and more paddlers are making the drive from Madison, Wisconsin to the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. Some of the…


    Video: Why Northwestern Ontario is Kayaking Paradise

    Northwestern Ontario is an area about the size of France with only about one person per square mile. For wilderness experiences you can't do any better. John discusses the amazing paddling opportunities between Wawa and the Manitoba border, and from Minnesota…


  • James Roberts demonstrates a sea kayak brace on Georgian Bay.
  • A man standing on the bonafide SS127 kayak.

    Bonafide Kayaks First Look

    I felt a little like a secret agent, pulling up to a non-descript warehouse outside Greenville, South Carolina. Inside the building, the brand new Bonafide SS127 kayak. I was the first person outside the design team to get a glimpse at the highly-anticipated…


  • A man standing in an old town predator kayak, fighting a fishing.

    Hayes Anderson's Old Town Musky Tips

    By day, Daphne, Alabama-based Hayes Anderson punches the clock as a railroad mechanic. But come evenings, weekends, and vacation days, Anderson’s hunting trophy fish—often driving all night to make the water at daybreak. For Anderson, that means rolling the…


  • An overhead shot of a person paddling a kayak, with grass coming out of the water.

    How Old Town Is Changing Waterfowl Hunting

    A sales manager, an engineer, an accountant, a ski coach, a pastor and a biologist paddle their canoes in the dark. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it’s actually just a scene from a recent hunting trip with Old Town. In December of 2016, ten Maine…


  • Annie Nagel fishes south Florida out of her Ocean Kayak Trident.

    OCEAN KAYAKSstream
    Annie Nagel's First South Florida Trip

    Sonoma County, California-based Annie Nagel is a West Coast fish-head who pursues lingcod, cabezon, rock fish, halibut, steelhead and salmon… pretty much everything that swims around the San Francisco Bay area. Annie is versatile, and her main boat is equally…


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The stories and memories made by the Furrer family are the foundation of our company today. Family and friends and their paddling adventures are what fueled Werner Sr's desire to design and build a better paddling paddle. Today we call it Ultimate Paddle Performance; it's our mission statement. In our desire to be an active member of this community, we continue to participate and give back. We treat our employees, vendors, dealers, team and customers with utmost respect. Like an extension of the Family that started it all. We believe that Handcrafted in Sultan, WA USA is certainly a thing to be proud of in this day and age. But beyond just keeping jobs in the US, we design and build to a higher standard. An attention to detail that truly makes our paddles perform the way they do. That pride in our work spans from designers, testers and craftsman to, we hope, the very hands of paddlers everywhere. Our place in our community now and tomorrow is forged by our past; the desire to design and build paddle performance that you will feel in your hands and trust through the water, with every stroke.


Aquabatics Calgary was founded in 1999 by Susan Azofeifa. In 2009, after running starting up and running the kayak school Simon Coward and his wife Nikki purchased the business and have been running it ever since.

The business has been built on, and continues to run on the foundation that every customer experience is a quality one and most importantly personalized. Whether it is on the water with our internationally certified instructors, in our Calgary store, through our You Tube channel or our industry leading website. We strive to ensure every interaction with customers and paddlers is a positive one.

Our staff are and ownership are stoked on what we do, and we think it shows int he product we deliver.


Since 1991, Aqua-Bound has been hand-building paddles in North America for kayak, stand-up, and whitewater enthusiasts. These extremely high quality paddles at reasonable prices have been built by people who share your passion for the outdoors. Aqua-Bound's 25+ years of manufacturing paddles has brought about lightweight, durable, and performance-rich paddles for everyone to enjoy.


Bending Branches builds paddles for canoe, kayak, kayak fishing, and stand-up paddling enthusiasts who value every minute they spend on the water. These paddles have been crafted by people who share your passion for the outdoors and have been propelled by the notion of combining innovative thinking with uncompromising craftsmanship. Propel yourself with America's best-selling paddles.


Kokatat has been manufacturing paddling gear in Arcata, California for more than 45 years. At a time when many technical apparel brands were moving manufacturing offshore, Kokatat continued to invest in infrastructure in the United States. Kokatat founder Steve O'Meara was committed to the development of the finest and driest paddling apparel in the world and recognized the need to control and continually evolve the development of our dry wear. In the early days, Kokatat worked closely with W.L. Gore & Associates, makers of GORE-TEX®, to refine the sewing and sealing techniques required for full immersion suits and tops. Today, our hands-on approach to manufacturing continues to set the standard in paddling apparel. Into the water with Kokatat!


As a United Stated Coast Guard nonprofit grant recipient, the Water Sports Foundation produces paddling safety outreach materials and distributes them through boating and paddling media providers. Paddle sports currently has an inordinately high rate of accidents and deaths that for the past five years has been increasing, while power boating stats have been decreasing during the same period. The goal is to create heightened pulbic awareness of safer paddling making paddle sports safer and to ultimately reduce the total number of paddle sports related deaths annually.


Pelican International is a family legacy dating back to 1968 when the company was founded. World leader in the design and manufacture of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats, Pelican has leveraged its mastery of thermoforming to deliver durable, quality products at affordable prices. A commitment to innovation, investment in state of the art technology and rigorous quality control standards are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. Our guiding principal is simple and enduring: to bring quality products within reach of all outdoor enthusiasts by offering product with an unbeatable value for the money. Pelican is also the leading North American kayak manufacturer to use Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology. TST produces a stiffer, stronger, lighter product than is possible with other manufacturing methods. The combination of Pelican’s proprietary materials (RAM-XTM and RAM-XTM Premium) combined with the TST process results in a lightweight product that has unparalleled rigidity, exceptional impact and breakage resistance, outstanding longevity and superior safety. Our products are fun and easy to use. They are lighter, stiffer and stronger, and they look good. From recreational kayaks to canoes, to accessories, Pelican products connect with people who need to get out on the water and create memorable moments together worth sharing with everyone. Our 2017 collection showcases SUPs for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors in a different way, whether it is to play, discover new waterways or for a yoga workout; our fully equipped fishing kayaks for those looking for a new place to fish the next big one; and our colorful lineup of sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks for those looking to paddle in style. With its 2017 lineup, Pelican has come up once again with an unmatched offer of embarkations.


The Canadian Canoe Museum is a unique national heritage centre that explores the canoe’s enduring significance to the peoples of Canada, through an exceptional collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft. We’re an engaging, family-friendly museum with more than 100 canoes and kayaks on display. Visitors will enjoy interactive, hands-on galleries, a scavenger hunt, model canoe building and puppet theatre for children. Through inclusive, memorable and engaging exhibits and programs we share the art, culture, heritage and spirit of paddled watercraft with our communities. Founded on a collection of the late Professor Kirk Wipper, and established in Peterborough, Ontario, in 1997, the museum’s holdings now number more than 600 canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft. Together they span the country from coast to coast to coast and represent many of the major watercraft traditions of Canada.


The first TRAK was made in 2006. Since then it has gained a rapid base of loyal fans. These fans are real kayakers, like you. The kind who want to take a touring kayak anywhere, and paddle it anywhere. They want it to be fast, they need it to be durable. They know the difference between a toy and a well-crafted sea vessel. Fits in tight spaces. Like between two rocks or between two pairs of jeans in your closet. Also, goes on an airplane, bus, taxi or train. And it works on the water - rough water, flat water, and all conditions inbetween. This is what makes an ultimate touring kayak. TRAK now drop ships to anywhere in the world, within a week, yup #trakeverywhere.


From the outset, our intent was to simply build the “best” thermoformed kayaks we could build right here in North America. Through innovation and design we have created a complete line of outstanding kayaks that will appeal to paddling enthusiasts of every age and level. From the super shine of the Solarkote® finish to the full complement of deck rigging, multi-position seat systems and long waterlines, our commitment to quality and value is evident in every kayak we build.


We invite you to discover the Canadian Canoe Culture in Ontario. Paddling, whether it’s in a canoe, kayak, raft or SUP, offers possibilities for deep and meaningful connections, adventures and learning. In a world that is increasingly disconnected, paddling brings you back to some of those basic rhythms - that feeling of being connected to the natural world and yourself. It provides the opportunity to shape, define and nurture who and what we are. Join in the conversation by using the hashtag #PaddleON.


“Our plans are big but our strategy is simple: We will do everything we can to produce the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed, and most carefully engineered fishing kayaks possible. The team we’re putting together is among the most talented and experienced I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.” — Luther Cifers, CEO


For more than 100 years, the spirit of paddling has inspired the craftsmen of Old Town® Canoe and Kayak. Today this heritage of craftsmanship and innovation lives on in modern canoes and kayaks built to deliver the finest paddling experiences.


For families and recreationally minded people with a love of the water, Ocean Kayak offers a wide range of affordable, easy-to-use craft for the pursuit of fun activities.