Video: Bzuza, Georgia's First Whitewater Race | Rapid Magazine | Rapid Media
A screenshot of a paddler during the Bzuza Race in Georgia kayak-N-roll

A look inside the Bzuza Race, Georgia's first whitewater kayaking race

Never met a paddler from Georgia, the small country tucked into the crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe? Well, you may be meeting one soon. Whitewater paddling is beginning to take off in Georgia, and part of that momentum is the Bzuza Race, the first and only extreme kayak race in the country. 

From the filmmakers: "Bzhuzha race is a new word in white water world, It’s the first and only extreme kayak race in Georgia, where kayaking just started gain among the local people. We are confident that Bzhuzha race will be a powerful impetus for the development of white water sports and kayaking in Georgia, and will open the country as a good white water area for the international kayak community." 

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