Level Six’s Stig Larsson On Turning Passion Into Profit | Rapid Magazine | Rapid Media
Stig Larsson of Level Six in a video speaking to RBC about his company's path to success. RBC

Larsson explains how he turned a love for paddling and surf culture into a successful business

Level Six’s Stig Larsson sits down with RBC to explain how his company was born. Larsson explains that in the summer of 1997, while in Costa Rica training with the World Cup Kayaking Team and going on surf trips, he realized there was a lack of a lifestyle brand for paddlesports. 

He began Level Six and travelled around on the world selling his shorts and t-shirts on the World Cup circuit. He say it was six or seven years before he was able to draw a salary from the business, but he persevered. Today Level Six products are sold in 428 stores worldwide. Larrson’s advice for young entrepreneurs? “Have a passion for what you do and be all in.”

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