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A kayaker with two kayaks strapped to his feet does a seal launch. Photo: Fire, Ice and Dynamite
Video: Fire and Ice

This scene from 1990 film Fire, Ice and Dynamite features the best seal launch of all time

We thought we had seen a lot of brave kayaking moves until we saw someone wear two kayaks on his feet and seal launch 25 feet into a narrow walled section of river.

This brilliant collection of kayaking ridiculousness is a scene from the 1990 movie Fire, Ice and Dynamite. Never before have we laid eyes on so many boof-less drops or potentially back-breaking entries.

Directed by Willy Bogner, the full movie has awesome freestyle skiing scenes. 

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Itโ€™s hard for us to pick our favorite part of this segment, but the Viking helmet strainer is pretty high up there.

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