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Kayakers on the Dog River. Photo: Benjamin Bales
Video: Benjamin Bales

Three kayakers take on the wild Dog River in April 2016

Kayakers Jeremy Hiemstra, Dennis Orr and Benjamin Bales paddled Ontario’s wild Dog River close to peak spring run-off in April 2016.

The river is a true wilderness paddling experience. Hiemstra, Orr and Bales read on a canoe route website during their pre-trip planning and research that the Dog River had more than 60 rapids. Once on the three-day river trip they found closer to 120 rapids, and almost all were runnable.

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“Every few hundred meters we would roll up to a horizon line and it would be the new biggest rapid I have ever run, over and over again,” says Orr. They also note that the spring levels, four to five degree Celsius water and some high consequence sections mean few opportunities to pick up the pieces if there is a swim.  

Their shuttle was more exciting than most as they hired Anderson Fisheries to pick them up after the fishermen had done their rounds pulling up nets. 

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