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Sam Sutton kayaks with little kids sitting on the bow and stern of his kayak. Screen Capture: Kayaking Extreme - India
Olaf Obsommer

3-time Adidas Sickline winner Sam Sutton and three friends visit the rivers of southern India

Extreme kayaker Sam Sutton, who has travelled the world over from Mexico to Russia as part of the Adidas Sickline kayaking team, heads to a region in southern India called Kerala. Shot by kayaking videographer Olaf Obsommer, Sam and three kayaking friends visit rivers that have never before been run, and show cases the amazement of the local population as a testament to that experience.

The real beauty and impact of kayaking is shown in this video as normally much of the focus is often on the experience of the paddlers as they have the opportunity to explore, but rarely is the effect on locals captured. The lifeblood of many communities is expressed in these tumultuous torrents of water and to see the wonderment on the faces of those who depend on them is really what whitewater is all about. 

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