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Photographer Krystle captures a kayaker in the middle of the night using drone-mounted flashes. Photo: Krystle Wright
Video: Krystle Wright

Adventure photographer Krystle Wright captures nighttime descents by kayakers using drone-mounted flashes

How to photograph professional kayakers tackling a waterfall in the dark

Capturing kayakers launching over waterfalls is technically challenging enough in perfect light conditions. Can you imagine doing it in the middle of the night?

Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright conceived the idea as her passion project, and after approaching Canon, it was set into motion featuring big-name whitewater kayakers Rush Sturges, Erik Boomer, Rafa Ortiz, David Spiegel, David Fusili, Rob Fusili, Jordan Slaughter and Dane Jackson. In this video she shares her motivations for pushing boundaries to get great, unusual images, and explains some of the logistics that went into the shoot. 

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