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A person paddling a rocky river in a whitewater kayak. Photo: Flickr user Jeff Moore

Our Readers Favorite Stories Of The Year

Did you miss out on the most popular Rapid stories of 2017? If you were too busy killing it on the whitewater this year, check out the top five Rapid stories of 2017.

1) 10 Things Only Whitewater Kayakers Understand 

Quirks, moments and experiences only a member of the strange and wonderful world of whitewater paddling will recognize.

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Photo: Dean Treml

2) 7 Safety Essentials To Take On The River 

Responsible river runners usually take some formal swiftwater rescue training. At the end of the course they then purchase rescue gear to carry on the river. Most commonly, I see paddlers carrying around a pin kit for rescuing wrapped boats. While this kit is valuable, it shouldn’t be the only emergency gear paddlers carry on the river. In addition to essentials like a PFD and spare paddle, there are a few other basic and often forgotten items every whitewater paddler should carry for safer boating. 

Read the seven river safety essentials here…

whitewater skills

3) 9 Most Important Skills For Whitewater Paddlers

You can never stop developing your skills in whitewater paddling. That's one of the reasons whitewater is so addictive. Changing seasons, varying water levels and different styles of paddling require many different skill sets. Over the years at Rapid we have brought you everything from beginner basic skils like rolling to more advanced techniques including boofing and nailing big drops. We've compiled our list of the most crucial skills for whitewater paddlers. How many have you mastered? 

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whitewater quiz
Photo: iStock

4) Quiz: Which Pro Whitewater Kayaker Are You?


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whitewater 5
Photo and Video: Brian McPherson

5) Why Whitewater Rescue Skills Are Vital 

When Rapid came across this reel of kayaking accidents and close calls, it underlined an important tenant of our sport: it is every paddler's responsibility to have rescue training. As some of this difficult to watch moments show, a fun day paddling a great river can take a quick turn. Class IV and V rivers have real consequences. Be prepared and paddle with other skilled boaters trained in rescue techniques who you can count on to jump to action when it counts. 

Watch the video now…

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