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The poster for Unleashed, a new whitewater kayaking competition from kayaking collective Send Send

The four-man collective announces new four stage, big water event in Quebec

Four professional kayakers have announced a brand new kayaking competition called Unleashed, scheduled for April 28-May 7 in Quebec.

Held during peak spring runoff times in Quebec, the four stage event will be comprised of a three trick freestyle stage, a boater cross, a ten trick freestyle stage and a giant slalom. The Unleashed location will be decided closer to the event depending on water levels.

Unleashed is an invitational event organized by kayaking collective Send, made up of Bren Orton, Kalob Grady, Dane Jackson and Adrian Mattern. Send is promoting Unleashed as the most innovative competition with the world’s most elite kayakers and biggest whitewater.

The announcement of Unleashed comes four months after Whitewater Grand Prix founder and organizer Patrick Camblin announced the event would be cancelled indefinitely due a lack of financial backing. When the Whitewater Grand Prix began in 2011, the multi-day event was seen as highly innovate and boundary pushing in its format and the caliber of athletes it attracted.

Athletes can apply to compete in Unleashed using the form found here. 

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