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Rapid Spring 2017 cover. Cover Photo: David Jackson


Now that Rapid's Spring 2017 issue has hit stands online and in store, let's take a sneak peek of North America's favorite whitewater magazine‚Äôs latest issue. 


Dream Wave

Dream Wave: Ten Elite Kayakers Discover the World's Sweetest Spot So Remote You'll Never Surf It

Joel Kowalski has been staring at the Nelson River on Google Earth for more than four years. From what he could tell from the satellite images, Canada's fourth largest river looked like an oversized version of the Ottawa. For Kowalski, who grew up on the banks of the Ottawa River, the Nelson was everything an elite freestyle kayaker could ask for. Except maybe easy access. Follow Kowalski and nine of the world's best big wave surfers including Ben Marr, Dane Jackson and Bren Orton as they set out on a mission to northern Manitoba in search of the Never Neverland of river waves. 



Muddy Waters

The First Multi-Day Fat Bike Packrafting Adventure on the Black River

Rapid Media publisher Scott MacGregor combines his love for whitewater and fatbiking in his debut packrafting mission down the famous Black River alongside ultra-marathon mountain bike racer, Cameron Dube. The pair forget to consider that roads are created as the shortest distance between two points while rivers find the windiest route of least resistance. And bikes roll faster than kayaks can be paddled. Can they convince you that this emerging sport demands respect?




One Question: What's the Most Trouble You've Ever Been In?

Twelve of the world's best-known paddlers confess to their worst offenses including jail time, trespassing, expulsion and ongoing legal battles.



Eric Deguil

Eric Deguil May Just Be the Most Interesting Man in the World 

Meet Eric Deguil, the man dominating the world-famous Green Race. He loves kayaking above all but fills his days hanging from trees and eating milk chocolate. On a given day, you can find Eric in France working hard and training harder. We caught up with him to see what makes him tick.



Big Banana

Watercolors: Incredible Photography from the World's Best Adventure Photographers

Enjoy spectacular captures from the likes of Lucas Gilman, Daniel Stewart, Kiah Schaepe, Dylan Page, Flo Smith, Thomas Fahrun and more. 



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