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The Antix from Jackson Kayak Photo: Jackson Kayak

Take a first look at two new whitewater kayaks from Jackson Kayak, the Antix and the Nirvana

Jackson's playful creeking/river running kayak 

Jackson Kayak has announced two new whitewater kayaks available this fall: the Nirvana and the Antix.

The Antix is Jackson’s first ever playable creeking/river running kayak. “It’s a pretty exciting boat for us,” says Eric Jackson.

Designed as a river runner first, the length, volume, and edges are optimized to squirt, be lightweight compared to creek boats and be extremely maneuverable. Paddlers will love this boat on their local runs, replacing the need for a creek boat for many and increasing the fun factor with its playable features. The Antix is 45 pounds, with a width of 25” and a length of 7’4”.



Antix kayak from Jackson Kayak



Eric Jackson says that the Antix is a great boat to have because it gives kayakers one boat that they can do it all in. “You can run the river as confidently as you would in a creek boat but still have some fun.”

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Antix features include:

  • Short, slicey ends that allow for squirting, splatting, and down river fun
  • Planing hull for great surfing, spinning and stability
  • Uni-shock bulkhead system and U-Channel track for quick adjustment and to protect paddler and kayak
  • Available in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large.

 The Antix delivers a great experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced kayakers who want to take advantage of river features, technical rapids, downstream play moves and easy paddling.

Jackson's race-ready Nirvana 

Jackson Kayak is also introducing the Nirvana, a fast, race ready creeking boat designed to move kayakers through rapids quickly and with control.

Eric Jackson says they have been observing a trend in the marketplace of people paddling faster boats, and combined with the amount of racing the Jackson Kayak team is doing, the Nirvana seemed like a great fit. “It works really well for the high end and the beginner or intermediate,” he says.

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The hull shares much of the Zen’s user-friendliness while the massive amount of rocker keeps the bow dry and clear of holes and waves. Racers will like paddling such a user-friendly and confidence-inspiring design in the 9-foot category. The Nirvana has high-end speed in the rapids and is perfect if you want to go fast but don’t plan on racing. The Nirvana is 48 pounds, 25.5” wide and 9’ long.  


Nirvana kayak from Jackson Kayak

Nirvana features include:

  • User-friendly hull shape that allows racers to focus on their line and going fast versus just trying to keep the boat under control.
  • Ample stability to eliminate unwanted bracing and increase forward paddling time.
  • Unishock Bulkhead for easy adjustment (get super tight for a race, or stay loose for a cruise) and for safety.
  • Rocker profile allows for both a fast boat in pools and easy boofing.


Both kayaks will be available Fall 2016.

Stay posted to Rapid’s website and social media channels for updates on new whitewater products as we head to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 3-6. 


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