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Boat Review: Wave Sport's ZG Photo: Rapid Staff

ORIGINAL LYRICS: Wave Sport says the ZG compromises nothing in the quest for air. By reducing hull rocker and adding side-cut rocker and rails the ZG achieves maximum speed, carvability, and bounce—allowing for inverted aerials on the smaller features that most paddlers typically surf.

WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT: When you round up a group of testers everyone comes looking for something different, they all have different paddling styles and they always compare every test boat to their own. The ZG is the only boat that every tester hopped into and instantly ripped. Sure we got the “It’s not as ... as my boat” variations, but overall there was a general tip of the helmet to Wave Sport for making a boat that does everything well for a large number of people.

WHEN YOU DON’T: The ZG first appeared in our 2004 freestyle boat test with much the same feedback we received a full year later. It is no wonder Wave Sport let this design ride two seasons.

The ZG has the traditional Wave Sport lines and feel that intermediate paddlers enjoy all over the river—fast, predictable and smooth. It has decent ferry speed and doesn’t pearl, even though the bow rides suspiciously close to the surface. It jumps on a plane quickly and glides deep into eddies. The low-volume balanced ends make for effortless pivot turns and smooth flatwater fun. The outfitting is simple and proven to work.

PRO: Jack-of-all-trades.

CON: Master of none.


length 6’4”/6’6”
width 24.5”/25”
volume 48/54 US gal
weight 31/32 lbs
weight range 100–180 lbs/140–220 lbs
price $1399 Cdn/ $999 US 

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