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Red Lake Outfitters Enchanted Wilderness - A Photographer's Dream

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$2,399.00 USD

CAPTURE THE PERFECT WILDERNESS MOMENTThis 10-day photography trip is designed to strike the right balance between adventure and creative exploration. The route passes through a variety of features, from larger, island-dotted lakes, to tumbling cascades and streams, to quiet backwater marshes and meanders where subtle beauty abounds.Changing light plays with patterns and hues, line and texture, offering the landscape photographer a compositional palette limited only by the imagination and creativity of the artist. From the forest’s delicate detail, to the sweeping grandeur that is dawn over a northern lake, this is a land of variety and contrast.The mindful, silent observer should be prepared, should they happen on a lumbering moose, or perhaps the park’s namesake, the elusive Woodland Caribou. Eagles are common in this region, as are black bears, wolves, and the ever-industrious beaver. To capture any of these great symbols of the north through the lens is a highlight of any trip.Travelled at a moderate pace, this package offers both flexibility and solitude.

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Outfitter Website
Preferred Pricing Model Per Person
Destination or Hot Spot Other
Geographic Region Manitoba/Northern Ontario
Type of Waterway Lakes
Services Provided Air Service Fully Outfitted Trip
Specifically For Photography
Accommodation Wilderness Camping
Trip Length 8 Days
Activity Canoeing
Trip or Service Enchanted Wilderness: A Photographer's Dream
Outfitter Red Lake Outfitters
Year 2017
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