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Canoe North Adventures Yukon River, Yukon Territory

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The Yukon River is an ideal trip for novice to intermediate canoeists who want to immerse themselves in the colourful history of the Klondike Goldrush. Paddlers find the trip well within their physical ability with enough challenge to experience a substantial feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a profound wilderness adventure that reaches deep into their soul. The historic Yukon River is smooth and fast with the speed of our canoes easily averaging 12km an hour. The scenery along the Yukon River is stunning – from ancient mountain ranges to the quietly majestic valleys below. Stepping back in time we encounter remnants of the Klondike Goldrush of 1898 – the world’s last great Goldrush. Long abandoned cabins, placer mines and trading camps are scattered along the river – there is no civilization until we reach Dawson City. The mixture of expansive wilderness and the historic sites brings the recent Klondike Goldrush to life. Just over one hundred years ago, thirty thousand crazed gold seekers sailed, paddled and rowed the Yukon River on their way to Dawson City. The river has also been an inland trade route for thousands of years used by the First Nations as a connection to the coastal communities. Since then, the small communities on the river have faded away and the wilderness has reclaimed its land. We make spectacular time while on the water under the endless sky of the arctic summer in the land of the midnight sun. While on the river, we might encounter moose, wolves, mountain sheep, bears, falcons or eagles. Our campsites are typically located on open gravel bars or tucked into the boreal forest with grand views of the surrounding hills. We take pride in coaching our trippers with general camp and canoeing skills so their experience is both enlightening and empowering. Everyone contributes equally with pitching tents, setting up camp and preparing camp meals. Our hearty menu of fresh food is sure to satisfy your Yukon-sized appetite. There is quiet time available for photography, writing in your journal and sharing campfire songs or yarns. For us, the Yukon Territory is a magical place in which to pause from our hectic everyday life and take stock of the things we hold dear. Our greatest hope is that in the face of the Yukon River’s spectacular beauty, our paddlers are challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually. We pull out at Dawson City to spend two nights in this frontier town with accommodation at the Triple J Inn. Dawson City is simply our very favourite frontier town! You will know that Robert Service was right when he wrote in The Spell of the Yukon … I want to come back, and I will! Come join us on a journey through time.
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Preferred Pricing Model Package Price
Destination or Hot Spot Other
Geographic Region Canadian Territories
Type of Waterway Rivers and Streams
Services Provided Fully Outfitted Trip w/ Guide
Specifically For Beginner
Accommodation Wilderness Camping
Trip Length 8 Days
Activity Canoeing
Trip or Service Yukon River, Yukon Territory
Outfitter Canoe North Adventures
Year 2018
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