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Canoe North Adventures Keele River, Northwest Teritories

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The Keele offers the best mountain canoeing river in the world. Its turquoise waters, gracious campsites, miles of runnable rapids, alpine vistas & lack of portages or bugs speak to all we hold dear in the world. If you are comfortable with lake paddling, the transition to the Keele’s fine whitewater will be easy. The river offers a compelling, pristine experience filled with spectacular wildlife, incredible hiking, amazing fishing and long, relaxed days. If you yearn for a walk on your wild side, join the comradery of adventure. The Keele River’s turquoise waters flow from high in the divide between the Yukon and NWT through the towering Mackenzie Mountains offering thrilling, friendly whitewater for novice, intermediate or advanced paddlers. Canoe North Adventures was honoured to have Destination Canada, the Canadian Tourism Commission, designate our Keele River expedition, a coveted Canadian Signature Experience! Inviting vistas patterned with rugged black spruce appear around every bend. Although fast and boisterous, the Keele has a generous heart providing lots of options for safe travel. Paddling is challenging but not technically difficult. It is wide & deep with high standing waves and continuous swifts and rapids. It braids and narrows into chutes as it glides down a steady gradient drop towards the Mackenzie River. This river served as a hunting and trapping region for Mountain Dene. Archeological evidence shows ancient peoples used this area 12,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age. For centuries, the Mountain Dene trapped beaver and moose and crafted sturdy moose-skin boats that carried families and dry-goods down the Keele River to the mighty Mackenzie River.The mountains are spectacular offering hiking on the easily accessible alpine slopes. This region is rich in natural beauty, big game and wildlife. There can be sightings of caribou, moose, grizzly or black bears, eagles and most surely Dahl sheep with great fishing for both arctic grayling and bull trout. If we have keen fishermen in the group, it is an added bonus to be treated to a fresh fish dinner! Campsites tend to be located on broad gravel bars chosen for their incredible views. Names of landmarks remind us of the exotic nature of a pristine wilderness: dramatic Shezal Canyon; the spacious confluence of the Ekwi River where the mountains plunge right down to the river; sparkling Nainlin Brook; Toochingkla where the fishing is superb; the lively Twitya River; Red Dog Creek with its quiet current; and, Talking Cliffs that announce the mighty Mackenzie lying around the next few bends. Very few experiences bring such a range of personal enjoyment, inner peace and the deep satisfaction of individual and group accomplishment.
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Preferred Pricing Model Package Price
Destination or Hot Spot Other
Geographic Region Canadian Territories
Type of Waterway Whitewater Class I-II
Services Provided Rentals Air Service Guide Service Fully Outfitted Trip Fully Outfitted Trip w/ Guide Custom Trip
Specifically For Beginner
Accommodation Wilderness Camping
Trip Length 8 Days
Activity Canoeing
Trip or Service Keele River, Northwest Teritories
Outfitter Canoe North Adventures
Year 2018
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