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Canoe North Adventures Horton River, Northwest Territories

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The Horton is the most northerly flowing river in mainland Canada. Its source at Horton Lake is located 80 miles north of Great Bear Lake in an area surrounded by vast rolling tundra plains. The Horton is perfect for novice, intermediate or vintage canoeists with smooth steady current, crystal clear water and a few easy rapids for extra fun. The river’s most outstanding features are the ancient cliffs and the many opportunities to see falcons, eagles, caribou, wolves, muskoxen and grizzly bears. This is a historic region where the ancestral hunting areas of the northern Inuit overlapped with the central Athapaskan Indians. Remnants of ancient wooden fences used to funnel caribou into spearing zones can be seen near Horton Lake. The landscape is dotted with dwarf spruce trees which define the northern limit of the tree line in Canada. Watch for the elusive snowy owl in flight along with a myriad of other raptors nesting on cliffs. This is big-sky country where the clouds paint dizzying patterns in wisps and streaks and the midnight sun barely dips below the horizon. Evening walks are a nightly ritual and give you a sense of how small we really are in this vast, barrenland. The world-class fly-fishing is sure to produce catches of arctic grayling, lake trout and occasionally prized arctic char. This canoe trip has a relaxed pace and allows ample time for photo shoots along the river and during daily hikes on the vast, undulating and colourful tundra. It is also an ideal time to view the aurora! This river flows through the ancient tundra land on its way to the Arctic Ocean. The Upper Horton has great current with lively swifts running through spectacular cliffs and tundra. We offer this as a 13-day trip. The Lower Horton has some whitewater sections as it winds its way to the Arctic Ocean and the exotic landscape of the Smoking Hills. This is also a 13-day trip. If you were looking for a month-long expedition, you could paddle the whole river!
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Destination or Hot Spot Other
Geographic Region Canadian Territories
Type of Waterway Whitewater Class I-II
Services Provided Rentals Air Service Fully Outfitted Trip Fully Outfitted Trip w/ Guide
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Accommodation Wilderness Camping
Activity Canoeing
Trip or Service Horton River, Northwest Territories
Outfitter Canoe North Adventures
Year 2018
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