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Slingshot Nitro 14'

Suggested Retail:
$1,999.00 USD
Slingshot named this board "Nitro" for a reason: it's fast ; very fast. With a sleek and piercing bow, low-profile body, V-Tunnel bottom and lightweight construction, the Nitro exemplifies the balance between comfort and efficiency as it glides through the water with ease. This is an ideal board for racers, distance paddlers and those looking for a fast, smooth ride in mixed conditions. Utilizing Slingshot's exclusive Future Response Technology, the Nitro's Carbon Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (CWVS) creates a strong, impact resistant board without adding extra weight. Its low-profile, hydrodynamic design makes it extremely fast, while its 263.7 liter hull provides enough stability for a smooth ride, even in rough water. The Nitro comes equipped with a full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, four tie-down plugs to secure items on the board and a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure changes
Type Hard
Best Used For Race
Material Composite/Foam Core
Year 2016

As much as we love what we design and build, we always remember that it's about the experience and the fun of the ride that matters most. It's about our connection with the water and the gear that get's us out there. It's the time at the beach and the friends we've made along the way that make all this hard work worth it. Lots more coming to this section soon. Get out there and ride!

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