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Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech 11'

Unpack, pump-up, hop on and have fun: riders will love the quick and easy setup of Slingshot's line of inflatable boards, and the convenience of a full-size, full-performance SUP that fits into a backpack. The Air-Tech 11' - the longer of our two inflatables " is 34.5" wide, 6" thick and has a volume of 320 liters. Like the 11' version, the 10' Air-Tech Crossbreed offers paddlers a solid all-around board in a compact and easy-to-use platform that condenses into a backpack. The 10' version is 33" wide, 6" thick and has a volume of 272 liters; the ideal choice for lighter riders or those looking to cross-over to small waves. Modeled after Slingshot's high-performance Crossbreed SUP, the Air-Tech version incorporates cutting-edge shell and stitching technology that allows for a hard-board rocker and shape in an inflatable. Compact enough to be carried in a backpack but solid enough to out-perform any inflatable on the market, the Air-Tech Crossbreed is the perfect choice for riders looking for a great all-around board in a highly portable package. The board comes equipped with a high-density EVA traction pad, four rings up front for bungee attachments, a bow anchor point, pump, pressure gauge, repair kit, carry bag and a 9" keyless removable fin.
Type Inflatable
Best Used For All-round
Material Inflatable
Year 2016

As much as we love what we design and build, we always remember that it's about the experience and the fun of the ride that matters most. It's about our connection with the water and the gear that get's us out there. It's the time at the beach and the friends we've made along the way that make all this hard work worth it. Lots more coming to this section soon. Get out there and ride!

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