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Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14

Rotomolded Plastic
Suggested Retail:
$1,799.00 USD

The best is now even better. The award winning Stealth 14, is Malibu's most popular fishing kayak, now has major upgrades to its patented, three-piece Center Bait Tank system, Gator Hatch V.3, and of course, the new X-Seat, with more than four available positions and up to 24 inches in added height. With more than three patents and a kayak that started the kayak fly fishing movement, how can you go wrong? Don't forget to check out the other sizes in the Stealth series as well.

Length (Imperial)
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Width (Inches)
Accessory Rails , Ball Joint Mounts , Rod Holder
Rudder Equipped , High-Low Seat , Removable Pod
Length Inches 4
Length Feet 14
Number of Anglers 1
Manufacturer SKU MK14-01-FD
Year 2017
Type Sit On Top
High-Low Seat Yes
Hatches Yes
Cup Holder Yes
Carry Handles Yes
Ball Joint Mounts Yes
Accessory Rails Yes
Material Rotomolded Plastic
Self-bailing Yes
Rod Holder Yes
Removable Pod Yes
Paddle powered Yes
  • Malibu Kayaks Updates Line and Adds New Stealth 14 Flagship Malibu Kayak’s Introduce New and Updated Line and the West Coast favorite is back with the flagship Stealth 14 Since the beginning of kayak fishing, Malibu Kayaks have been a favorite for anglers looking for a high quality boat at home...
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  · 1 years ago.
I purchased this kayak in 2007 and it has been my main fishing kayak since that time. The current model has some improvements over my boat (such as the new elevated seat) which make it even better.

I have been very pleased with this kayak. Being 280lbs I needed a kayak that would support my weight and a lot of gear. I fish with this on lakes and commonly take 4-5 rods and reels and quite a bit of tackle. This kayak holds it all and is a very stable, fishing platform. Although I seldom stand when fishing the kayak is plenty stable for it even at my size. I've heard some people call this kayak a "barge" and that is true in regards to the weight it can handle and its stability, but at its length it is an easy kayak to paddle and I can keep up with anglers paddling lighter, longer kayaks most of the time. I find it a pleasure to paddle and often take it out just to enjoy a few hours of paddling on a nice day, etc. The large gator hatch is awesome for storing gear to and from the lake and the side compartments are great for pliers, sunscreen, camera storage, etc. I use the center "bait tank" as a cooler most of the time but also use it for storing bags of lures and soft plastics when I'm fishing a tournament.

The only complains I throw out there is the position of the "bait tank" is located very close to the seat so it is difficult to fully open the hatch when you are seated. The company has addressed this with a smaller hatch built into the large hatch which gives access below. My kayak does not have this smaller hatch but has a plastic screw out insert. This works ok but the new hatch is a good fix and is much better.

Over time the rubber gaskets in the side pockets will dry out and need to be replaced. When the gaskets are new and fresh they keep water out very well but when they wear some water can seep in. You can lay down a bead of silicone around the inside of the side pockets or replace the gasket.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. Since I've bought this boat I've bought two other kayaks thinking I would like them better but I sold them because I've grown accustomed to this boat and really like its features. With the new raised seat this boat becomes an excellent platform for fishing and I wish I had this seat on the boat I purchased on 2007. I give this kayak a 4/5. After having spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours in my current boat it is hard for me to have any complaints. It has been rock solid durable and has served me very well. It has been money well spent.
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