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Viking Kayaks Profish Reload

Suggested Retail:
$1,399.99 USD

Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, the Viking Kayaks Profish Reload is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land fish. The Profish Reload - the fastest kayak made by Viking Kayaks - is the choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with stability. The Viking Kayaks Profish Reload kayak is a performance kayak specializing in kayak fishing with it's numerous features and additional accessories for managing tackle/gear, improving comfort, and maintaining speed. The design of the Profish Reload bow provides unmatched levels of lift - styled off of the typical New Zealand paddling kayak design - which allows the kayak to consistently perform well in offshore conditions. All Viking Kayaks Profish Reloads come with a Tackle Pod. The Reload Tackle Pod system offers the ability to have a fully integrated and removable depth finder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It's now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable depth finder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience. This tackle management system is a removable and easily accessible tackle box, hatch, accessory mounting platform, and transducer install and allows you to mount your fish finder or depth finder. The tackle pod can be replaced with the Flat Deck system providing more cockpit deck space or additional seating for a child. The Viking Kayak Profish Reload comes stock at Viking Kayak Retailers nationally with 3 bucket hatches, a Tackle Pod, and a stern mounted Railblaza StarPort. Colors Available: Granite, Sand Black, Wasp, Dorado, and Red/Black Combo.

Accessory Plates , Rod Holder
Fish Finder Ready , Adjustable Foot Braces , Removable Pod
Accessory Plates Yes
Adjustable Foot Braces Yes
Best Used For Open Water
Carry Handles Yes
Fish Finder Ready Yes
Hatches Yes
Material Polyethylene
Paddle powered Yes
Removable Pod Yes
Rod Holder Yes
Self-bailing Yes
Soft seat Yes
Storage Platform Yes
Type Sit On Top
Year 2016
Manufacturer SKU 1306
Number of Anglers 1
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  • Kayak Review: Viking Profish Reload Almost a thousand years ago, Norse adventurer Thorfinn Karlsefni left Greenland heading west. He established a settlement in Newfoundland and explored as far south as New England. That was the first Viking invasion of America.  Last summ...

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
  · 2 years ago.
The Profish Reload is as advertised! It is a true off-shore kayak manufactured in New Zealand by people that truly love and live the sport.
The layout of the kayak is nicely done and the Tackle Pod is awesome. Just to test how much stuff I could fit in the Tackle Pod, I had a 5 gallon bucket overflowing with various fishing took in every bit of it.
Mounting your electronics and rod holders is a breeze and it is quite convenient to remove the Tackle Pod for transport. No more unplugging electronics or batteries for transport as you simply pull one pin and the Tackle Pod easily comes out.
The hull design is very efficient which makes it nice on longer trips and when done paddling for the day you are not as tired as you would have been in a different kayak. The Profish Reload punches through the surf nicely as well. The rudder design is different than others out there as it does not protrude below the hull so you don't have to worry about tearing it up on re-entry or dragging it over debris.
All in all, a very nice kayak that will take you as far as you wish to paddle while feeling less fatigued at the end of your trip!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
The Viking Profish Reload excels in nearly every aspect that is important to me as an offshore fisherman. I frequently paddle 15-20 mile trips searching for fish, so a fast and stable design is important. The Reload gets up to speed quickly and glides very well, and it covers water quickly for such a stable and load bearing craft. The tackle pod holds a LOT of tackle, and by pulling one simple pin it can be removed so your valuable electronics and tackle are safely within your vehicle when you stop for a burger on the drive home. One of my favorite features of the Reload (and all Vikings) is the rudder system. The rudder operates with toe steering, and once you get it set up, the foot pegs can quickly and easily be adjusted to any size paddler. Another overlooked but key feature is the size of the floor scuppers; they're HUGE and can drain a flooded cockpit in just a few seconds. In rough surf this is a critical advantage the Viking boats have over most other manufacturers. Scupper placement is well thought out so that dropped tackle rarely finds its way out of the cockpit through these drains. Front hatch access is easy and a full sized 42" insulated back fits inside. It will hold 60 lbs of fish and still paddle nicely through the chop.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
  · 2 years ago.
I have owned a few yaks and paddled/peddled a few more, starting out with the lure 13.5 as a newbie wants stability, adding a tarpon 120 as one evolves you want more speed and easier paddling, tried a peddle yak. Yes peddle yaks do rock but they didn't handle surf launches well so I sold my yaks off and added the Viking reload. I wanted something that can handle surf, paddle ( or peddle if anyone does a peddle yak with good rocker ever ) well, good storage and reasonably stable. The reload does this, it's more stable than the tarpon 120, paddles better, has the storage like the lure with a better tackle/sonar system. Unlike the lure it's a wet butt ride and I do miss the lures seat ( sorry but my wide load butt is pretty subjective on this matter ) but with a good seat it is comfortable enough due to the scalloped sitting area, better than the tarpon which gave me a sore rear after 4 hrs.

While no yak is perfect this is one of the better compromises with only a few minor issues, first is the thin hull, the lure is built like a tank and will take no end of abuse, the Viking can not be abused but it isn't delicate by any means. You just need a bit of care not to drag it over any thing sharp or abrasive for long i.e. Use a cart. The thin hull Also means care in transport care, it won't permanently warp in tropical heat but it doesn't mean you can leave it strapped on a hot roof. Next is the reload pod, great except it will take on water so most users add rubber weather strips to make it more water tight, once added mine took only a few drops in the surf . Then the accessories are a bit pricey, not outrageous but say to add a fish finder you should use their finder kit which is not cheap, nor is their anchor trolley system. The accessories are high quality and the included mounded in brass inserts in the hull makes it a no drill solution. The chill pod, great idea and I paddled 3 miles into wind easier than any crate would let me but one needs to DIY a better strap system to keep it secured to the yak, adding some pad eyes and bungees did the trick other wise it comes loose in the surf if you roll ( tho I'm wondering if it is meant to as it floats ). Last is the scalloped area where the handles are, the low freeboard and scallops means it's a water tunnel that splashes chop into our lap, that's ok when your butt is wet already tho.

Don't let the few down sides put you off, it performs as advertised! The speed is real with only the slayers able to pass me, while not as stable as a lure I feel quite secure able to side saddle easy in decent chop and it doesn't bog down in chop or swells, the low free board means low wind resistance I'm easily able to paddle 3mph into wind and chop. The rocker means easy surf launches and swells don't swamp you. The hull is truly water tight, they say 1L of water if rolling in surf ( I'm talking waves above your head sitting in the yak surf ) I got drops only inside. The center hatch also makes a usable live well but the bucket only fits it to close the lid, need to store it in the tackle pod which swallows a lot of tackle, I had a spear gaff, 2 Plano 3600 trays, finder battery, fillet knife, vhf radio, 2l of water, countless sabikis, finder cover, center hatch bucket, packs of doa soft plastics and gloves in there with room to spare.

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