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Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

Suggested Retail:
$1,799.00 USD
// $2417 CAD

Jackson Kayak’s top design team once again teamed up with pro kayak angler Drew Gregory to put an “HD” twist to the already popular Coosa model. This ‘heavy duty’ fishing craft boasts amped up specs/features and is slightly longer and wider than the original Coosa; this makes it even more stable and a perfect fit for anglers of all sizes or those who are really looking for a stand up fishing kayak. The hull is still river friendly, but the HD will track truer on the flat waters of lakes or inshore saltwater.

If you’re into comfort (and who isn’t?) then you’ll love the new Ergo seat with built-in lumbar support, padded deck and soft coated foot pegs. Also, on the HD, anglers will not only have the option to sit high or low, but also the ability to trim the seat into 5 different positions. Place the seat in the forward position/s when on flat water for better tracking or move it to the rear positions for more maneuverability when on flowing water.

What about logical and properly placed features? The Coosa HD is overflowing with those too! Headlining the list is the new innovative and removable “Coosa Console” which turns this kayak into a craft for both the accessory obsessed angler and, when removed, creates an open deck layout for fly anglers or those that prefer simplification. The console even boasts a hidden “line spooling station” for leaders or line to be easily accessed while on the water. Clever rod tip protectors, rod tusks, line either side of the bow and corresponding rod and rod butt stagers with bungee are there to make sure your rods stay on your Coosa HD when fishing those wild waters. Like most Jackson fishing kayaks you’ll notice large, and lockable, bow and stern hatches which make storing paddles, rods or heaps of camping gear a cinch. When storing tackle look no further than the stagers/pockets that are found within an arms reach on either side of the seat, under the seat (Plano pockets), behind the seat and of course the tankwell is a perfect size for Jackson Kayak’s ultimate tackle storage solution, the JKrate. Also adjacent to the tankwell behind the seat are two flush mount rod holders. However, the HD doesn’t stop there because included are two additional RAM rod holders - the 2007 model and the RAM Tube Jr - which can adhere to the kayak via gear track which lines the HD from bow to stern. The stern also boasts a drag chain chute for easy slow drifting on quicker rivers and comes Power-Pole Micro Anchor ready for those shallow water lake or inshore applications.

As you can see the HD has everything an angler could dream of, but also with the option to back off of it when the situation arises for simplification. No matter what your style the HD gives you, the angler, the option to fish your way which is the Jackson Kayak way!
"Eric Jackson reminds us that 'every kayak we make is a prototype for the next time we redesign that model; now is the time for the Coosa!' In 2011 the whole team was proud of the original river running Coosa, but now I feel like I'm getting a little better flat water craft and the other comforts and features that have previously only existed in my dreams! Good news is, it's a reality and Jackson Kayak gets to share it with the kayak angling world for 2015." - Drew Gregory / Jackson Kayak Fishing Guru / Jackson Kayak Factory Team (North Carolina)
“The Coosa HD is a must have for any river fisherman. The stability and maneuverability are incredible, usually you get one or the other but this kayak is the perfect blend. I was mostly surprised with how well it tracked on flat water, given it’s ability to maneuver so easily. The subtle features are endless on the HD, from gear track and hawg trough stagers to the hi/lo and trimmable Ergo seat...you gotta check this thing out” - Matt Cunningham / Jackson Kayak Customer Service / Jackson Kayak Factory Team (Tennessee)

Length (Imperial)
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Width (Inches)
Accessory Plates , Accessory Rails , Ball Joint Mounts , Rod Holder
High-Low Seat , Fish Finder Ready , Adjustable Foot Braces , Removable Pod
Length Inches 8
Length Feet 11
Number of Anglers 1
Year 2017
Type Sit On Top
Lumbar Support Yes
High-Low Seat Yes
Hatches Yes
Fish Finder Ready Yes
Carry Handles Yes
Best Used For Rivers/Creeks
Ball Joint Mounts Yes
Adjustable Foot Braces Yes
Accessory Rails Yes
Material Polyethylene
Storage Platform Yes
Soft seat Yes
Rod Holder Yes
Removable Pod Yes
Paddle powered Yes
Accessory Plates Yes
Price (CAD) 2417

Jackson Kayak was founded in 2003 by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Jackson Kayak designs, builds, and manufactures leading whitewater, fishing and exploration paddlesports products.

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  · 3 months ago.
Bought this in March 2018 after renting the same model several times the prior year. I guess I've had it out 14 times now, mostly on rivers (Shennandoah, Potomac, and Rappahanock). It's definitely more geared to slow flowing rivers - it's wide and rocketed which means pretty stable and stand able, but a bit of a pig on nonflowing water. The only thing I have to compare it to is a Wilderness Ride 135 and a Tarpon 100. The seats are not even comparable between boats - I really like the trimmable hi-low seating option of the Coosa HD. It's way easier to get adjusted, dialed end, and it's so much more comfortable. I like the paddle keeper on the front hatch and the stand-up strap and the fact that they've used recessed track rail along the gunnwales on the forward part of the cockpit and in the tankwell. In my opinion, for a boat that retails for $1,800, it could do with a little more track in the cockpit area. When I tried to mount a fishfinder on a YakAttack Cellblock mount, I found that the only way I could get a decent paddle stroke in was to adjust the seat all the way back. There's plenty of gunnwales surface, and I wish the would have extended the rail front and back. Aside from that, perfectly happy so far, except the price - they raised the price $100 and included fewer accessories, although the front hatch is nicer than earlier boats. I think this is a good boat, and some comparisons would be the Old Town Predator MX and Native Slayer 12 XC (which looks like it copied a lot of the Coosa HD design), although I've only seen, not paddled, the other 2.
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