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Rotomolded Polyethylene
Suggested Retail:
$1,135.00 USD
The Rytmo Pêche is a long, stable kayak with quick access to the fishing grounds. It has several storage spaces, including front hatch with removable basin, two central storage compartments, one rectangular hatch and one with round hatch and pocket, plus a rear space that can accommodate a safe. The Rytmo Pêche is pre-equipped with ducts and dummies for an optional rudder. The Rytmo Peche is available with Torqueedo Ultralight 403 electric motor.
Length (Imperial)
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Width (Inches)
Year 2018
Material Rotomolded Polyethylene
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  · 11 months ago.
I fish the back waters of Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbor, Estero Bay, and 10,000 Islands on my RTM Rytmo and Tempo. I have been fishing these waters in kayaks for 20 plus years. If you go to You Tube and search Calusa John you can see me fishing in my RTM Tempo and Rytmo. Many companies have great fishing platforms you can paddle, but they are slow and cumbersome to go any distance. Many folks take them on their motor boats and drop them in the water at their destination. They fish around the area a little and then back on the boat. I like to fish where I drop in and can paddle many mile before I turn around and fish/paddle back. Because of this many of the kayaks I tried just were to slow to jump from place to place without having to expend a lot of energy. Big wide kayaks mean more work to turn and paddle. RTM took their touring hull from the Tempo and reconfigured it to the Rytmo. This give me a stable platform in the quickest stock fishing kayak out there. This is my go-to boat for all around use. The raised seat allows me an extra 2 hours (total 4 hrs) in the saddle before I need to get out and stretch as opposed to the very nice sit on top jell seats put out by Skwoosh (2 hrs). The compartment between your legs is great for tackle storage. In addition I equipped mine with a dashboard to mount my camera on. Tracks on the sides allow the use of many accessories like Scotty rod holders.
In my opinion for the kind of fishing I do you can't beat the RTM Rytmo
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