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NRS Chinook

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$109.95 USD
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Type III: Pockets on pockets, lots of gear attachment points, plus flotation if you swim -- what's not to like about the NRS Chinook Life Jacket? Fishermen, sea kayakers and anyone who wants a vest with lots of storage will love this PFD.
Year 2016
Manufacturer SKU 40009.02
Profile of PFD Medium
Style of Entry Front Entry
Type of Floatation Foam PFD
US Coast Guard Type Floatation Aid (Type III)
Canadian Coast Guard Type PFD
Buoyancy (Pounds) 16.5
Buoyancy (Kilograms) 7.5
Pockets Yes
Lash Tabs Yes
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  · 3 years ago.
Having tried this PFD I found that there was not a good location to have my VHF radio without the antenna getting in the way. Not unusual as this a very common design flaw and and even with the few that have a radio pocket it is seldom large enough for one of the floating type VHF radios.

There is also the lack of a crotch strap or a way to add one later. If someone ends up in the water and away from their kayak and is plucked from the water by people in a power vessel there is a very high probability that they will pull up on the PFD and the person will slip out and that will be the end of them. For going offshore a crotch strap is insurance that the PFD will not become separated from the wearer. This is something that is found on the search and rescue PFD's but not on the ones for people that are in the other category of people not wanting to need to be rescued or surviving a rescue effort.

Crotch straps are like a seat belt in a car, never needed until your life depends on it.
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