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Bending Branches Viper

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The Bending Branches ergonomic Viper double bend (11 degree overall) wood canoe paddle takes efficiency and comfort to the next level. Aligning both wrists to reduce fatigue, this paddle is both stunning to look at and to paddle. Fiberglass blade wrap protects the nine laminates of basswood and roasted basswood. The Viper has full Rockgard(R) edge protection and is fiberglass-wrapped to keep it strong and beautiful for years. The Viper is made entirely in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Best Used For Tripping/Touring
Type Canoe
Year 2016
Manufacturer SKU P VIPER
Blade Material Basswood
Shaft Type Bent
Grip Type Classic Palm
Blade Shape Sugar Island
Finish Varnish
Overall Lengths (Imperial) 48, 50, 52, 54
Blade Length (Inches) 19
Blade Length (Centimetres) 48
Blade Width (Inches) 8.7
Blade Width (Centimetres) 22.1
Blade Surface Area (Sq. In.) 128.5
Blade Surface Area (sq. cm) 829
Weights (Oz) 22
Weights (Grams) 624
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  · 2 years ago.
I have worked at a canoe shop for over 16 hears and have spent all those years trying a little of everything through several trips and expeditions. I was someone that learned how to canoe by watching Bill Mason's Path of the Paddle series I have always understood the advantages of bent blades but they weren't for me as it was difficult to correctly draw, sweep, etc compared to a straight blade. The double bend does something no one talks about. With a shift of the hands, all these strokes are as effective as a straight blade when paddling tandem. The Viper still offers all the advantages of a bent blade while being something more. The blade curves to your hand cutting down on fatigue over very long days of 30-40 miles. Carbon fiber may get you there quicker but the double bend gets you there easier. Remember the flex of wood may waste some energy but that same flex makes it easier on you day after day. Not only do you get there easier, you'll also get there in style. These paddles are distinctly beautiful. They are the kind of thing that someone that calls a paddle an oar, will compliment you for having this wonderful paddle.
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