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Werner Paddles Algonquin

Suggested Retail:
$289.00 USD
// $375 CAD

Werner brings confidence to the canoe paddler with the Algonquin. No longer let concerns of the reliability of light weight carbon keep you from the feel and performance you love in a paddle. Decades of working with carbon have given us the expertise to be able to go light, under 12 ounces, and still be strong. Beyond the physical light weight, the Algonquin will paddle light with the buoyancy of our Ultimate designed blades. Each stroke pops from the water at the exit, quietly and effortlessly. No detail in workmanship is missed when this work of art is handcrafted in our facility in Sultan, WA USA.

Blade Colour
Shaft Colour
Year 2017
Type Canoe
Best Used For Tripping/Touring
Overall Lengths (Imperial) 48-58
Grip Type Classic Palm
Shaft Type Straight
Weights (Grams) 333
Weights (Oz) 11.75
Blade Surface Area (Sq. In.) 95
Blade Width (Inches) 7
Blade Length (Inches) 18.75
Foam Core Blade Yes
Blade Material Carbon
Price (CAD) 375
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  · 1 years ago.
After 1850 miles and 48 days on the Yukon River, there were a few standout pieces of equipment. A superstar piece was the Algonquin paddle. At 66 years of age, we knew we wanted light paddles and we smiled every time we picked up our paddles. We had no overuse injuries with these light paddles.
And it was the design and finish that pushed these paddles into the "favorite piece of equipment" category. The grip is very comfortable and the blade moved in, out and through the water smoothly and without any cavetation.
We saw some heavy, clunky paddles being used by other paddlers, even causing them to need rest days for tired arms and shoulders. We can't recommend these paddles enough for long distance paddling. And we'll use them for all of our canoeing going forward, no matter what the distance!
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