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Composite Creations Pilot Rugged

Suggested Retail:
$2663 CAD

Our Pilot canoe was originally designed to fit on the side of a float plane. This unique design allow for a canoe that is stable and easy to paddle. With these design features we realized this canoe would be desired by a paddler(s) looking for a light compact canoe. The Pilot canoe allows you to load the canoe on your vehicle by yourself with confidence due to its light weight. The hull has been compared to a prospector canoe that has been shrunk to a 12ft version. The moderate width of this canoe provide exceptional stability which gives paddlers confidence when paddling it. The graceful tracking ability comes from its non-aggressive full keel. The composite materials chosen provide a light and extremely durable hull for portages and the unforeseen impacts on and off the water. These unique features give paddlers confidence from that very first paddle stroke. This canoe will be great for: Minimalist paddlers who want to solo for days (solo seat option) with more gear than most smaller solo canoes allow, Couples wanting to slip away at the last moment for a weekend getaway or Grandparents taking their grandchildren to experience new found wonders through their eyes. The hulls stability and poetic glide over the water allows you to relax while paddling and enjoying your trip. Take a Pilot for a ride to remote areas, sit by a camp fire and drift away in a tent at the end of the day. What a better way to unwind and recharge your batteries. The Pilot comes in two different models Rugged, and Classic. Rugged Series is for multi-use on flat water and/or moving water and Classic Series is for lake and light trips (ultra-light design).

Length (Imperial)
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Gunwale Options
Aluminum , Ash , Cherry , Other Wood
Standard Gunwale Package Ash
Year 2017
Best Used For Recreational
Material Propitiatory Composite Blend
Number of Paddlers 2
Price (CAD) 2663
Other Wood Gunwales Yes
Cherry Gunwales Yes
Ash Gunwales Yes
Aluminum Gunwales Yes
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