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Composite Creations Expedition Classic

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The Expedition canoe is designed with a wider hull that not only accommodates more gear but offers way more stability. The deeper side walls of this canoe, prevents water from splashing over the gunnels and keeps your gear dryer too. The rocker starts in that sweet spot under the bow and stern paddlers. This rocker releases the ends of the boat from the water allowing you to make technical turns or achieve a micro eddy when needed. The large floor area of the canoe disperses the weight of the paddlers and gear over the surface of the water. This prevents our canoe from sitting deep in the water. Sitting low in the water would slow down the canoe and compromise maneuverability which has been experienced in many of the common canoe designs sold by the big name manufactures in today�۪s market. Composite Creations has a passion for making canoes. Having this incredible hull, made by our hands-on-craftsman, ensures you have the right canoe for your next great adventure. If you want a canoe that is easy to portage, extremely stable and very durable, unmatched by the big brand manufactures, then set your compass on the bow of this Expedition and let your real outdoor adventure begin! The Expedition comes in three different models: Rugged, Rugged White Water and Classic. Rugged Series is for multi-use on flat water and/or moving water; Rugged White Water Series comes outfitted for more advanced white water paddling; Classic Series is for lake and light trips (ultra-light design)

Gunwale Options
Aluminum , , Ash , Cherry , Other Wood
Best Used For Lakewater/Touring
Material Propitiatory Composite Blend
Year 2016
Manufacturer SKU ExpeditionClassic
Standard Gunwale Package Ash
Number of Paddlers 2
Aluminum Gunwales Yes
Ash Gunwales Yes
Cherry Gunwales Yes
Other Wood Gunwales Yes
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