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Mad River Canoe Serenade UL

Suggested Retail:
$2,085.00 USD
// $2185 CAD
The new “UL” (ultralite) aramid/core construction gives credence to an old saying - sometimes less is more. The Serenade UL is quick to accelerate, responds almost immediately to steering strokes, and is extremely easy to transfer from vehicle to launch or to portage from lake to lake. The extremely light-weight foam-core composite hull is 33% lighter than our original fiberglass hull material, maximizing efficiency on and off the water, making this design all the more efficient and rewarding to paddle.  This is a solo canoe to satisfy the enthusiast as well as entice the new paddler
Length Imperial
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Best Used For Hybrid Canoe/Kayak
Material Propitiatory Composite Blend
Length Feet 1
Length Inches 3.99
Weight Kilograms 15.87
Length Meters 13
Manufacturer SKU FUSN__0C91
Capacity Kilograms 136.05
Price (CAD) 2185
Standard Gunwale Package Aluminum
Width at Waterline Centimetres 67.31
Width at Gunwales Centimetres 71.76
Width at Gunwales Inches 28.25
Depth at Bow Centimetres 40.64
Depth at Bow Inches 16
Depth at Centre Centimetres 29.21
Depth at Centre Inches 11.5
Depth at Stern Centimetres 34.29
Depth at Stern Inches 13.5
Number of Paddlers 1
Ash Gunwales Yes
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  · 1 years ago.
I LOVE paddling my Serenade UL! The artistry that went into this gorgeous boat is wonderful! You really have to appreciate the awesome bunny cut-out and the beautiful wood rails and at a whopping 35 pounds portages are a breeze! There is no excuse for anyone to say they can't carry this wonderful boat out for a day on the lake and I promise, once they do, they'll find time to get out more often!
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