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Mad River Canoe Serenade FGX

Suggested Retail:
$1,585.00 USD
// $1665 CAD
In the FGX hybrid fiberglass laminate, the Serenade is designed for those looking for easy paddling in a relatively lightweight, cost-effective, low-maintenance boat. This hybrid solo canoe merges the best virtues of both canoe and kayak. While the hull and gunwales mirror that of a typical canoe, the unique seating system speaks to its kayak inspiration. Bridging the gap between a small, easy-portaging pack canoe and a solo hull, the Serenade is stable, comfortable, easy to paddle and cost-effective, providing an option for  paddlers who prefer to go solo. The Serenade paddles most efficiently in moderate waters from ponds and small lakes to slow rivers but has sufficient stability and seaworthiness to handle conditions when the going gets unexpectedly rough.  For fishing, photography, bird-watching or just cruising, the Serenade is the grab-and-go solo hybrid canoe for any or all paddlers
Length Imperial
Weight (Pounds)
Capacity (Pounds)
Best Used For Hybrid Canoe/Kayak
Material Propitiatory Composite Blend
Length Feet 1
Length Inches 3.99
Weight Kilograms 19.05
Length Meters 13
Manufacturer SKU FASN__5C91
Capacity Kilograms 136.05
Price (CAD) 1665
Standard Gunwale Package Aluminum
Width at Waterline Centimetres 67.31
Width at Gunwales Centimetres 71.76
Width at Gunwales Inches 28.25
Depth at Bow Centimetres 40.64
Depth at Bow Inches 16
Depth at Centre Centimetres 29.21
Depth at Centre Inches 11.5
Depth at Stern Centimetres 34.29
Depth at Stern Inches 13.5
Number of Paddlers 1
Ash Gunwales Yes
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