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Wenonah Canoe Jensen V Pro

Suggested Retail:
$3,199.00 USD
// $3999 CAD
Jensen V1-Pro_top.jpgJensen V1-Pro_top.jpg
In the world of professional canoe racing Gene Jensen's V1-Pro has dominated the pro-canoe race circuit throughout North America since its introduction. While there are a few other pro models on the market, North America's leading pro paddlers use the V1-Pro for its speed and ability to maintain and keep a "pop" in shallow water. Pro boats are usually fully or partially decked with fabric covers to keep water out of the hull. And we often build V1s with special options such as bow bailers for the demanding conditions of pro racing. Pro boats are not for everyone. They sacrifice initial stability for performance and speed. But, if you want to be competitive in the world of pro boat racing, you'll be paddling a V1-Pro.
Length Imperial
Weight (Pounds)
Best Used For Racing/Training
Material Aramid (Twaron; Kelvar; etc.)
Length Feet 6
Length Inches 5.64
Weight Kilograms 13.15
Length Meters 18
Year 2015
Capacity Kilograms 13.15
Price (CAD) 3999
Standard Gunwale Package Other Wood
Width at Gunwales Centimetres 83.82
Width at Gunwales Inches 33
Depth at Bow Inches 15
Depth at Centre Inches 11
Depth at Stern Inches 11
Number of Paddlers 2
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