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Wenonah Canoe 17 Wenonah

Suggested Retail:
$2,149.00 USD
// $2689 CAD
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The boat that started it all, the original, the 17 Wenonah. The first canoe ever designed by owner and foudner Mike Cichanowski in 1965, this instant classic was originally built out of wood strip and fiberglass in Mike's parents backyard shed. We carefully handcrafted a mold from the original boat that has been proudly displayed for the last 30 years. Available in our state of the art composite materials and layups, the 17 Wenonah displays lines similar to the classic wooden hulls built in the early 1900's. A great general use and family boat with a unique look and storied past, the 17 Wenonah is a must have for serious canoe connoisseurs and open boat history buffs.
Length Imperial
Weight (Pounds)
Best Used For Lakewater/Touring
Material Other Fabric
Length Inches 5.18
Weight Kilograms 27.21
Length Meters 17
Year 2015
Capacity Kilograms 27.21
Price (CAD) 2689
Standard Gunwale Package Aluminum
Width at Gunwales Centimetres 91.44
Width at Gunwales Inches 36
Depth at Bow Centimetres 55.88
Depth at Bow Inches 22
Depth at Centre Inches 13.5
Depth at Stern Centimetres 55.88
Depth at Stern Inches 22
Number of Paddlers 2
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