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NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart

Suggested Retail:
$99.95 USD
// $119.95 CAD
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Let the NRS Yak Yak haul your boat to the water. With sand-conquering tires, element-resistant materials and 30% lighter weight than other boat carts, this little powerhouse saves your back.
Type of Transportation Accessory Cart
Manufacturer SKU 50125.01
Year 2016
Price (CAD) 119.95
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  · 1 years ago.
I had one that had the same plastic wheels
After only one trip to the beach from my house which is about half mile
the wheels keep falling off and the strap broke too times on me. a week later i was walking it
and notice that the right wheel was turning kind of funny after looking it to this notice the plastic
that goes around the axle had melted down. i have never been able to put it back on right.
my yak weighs only 112 LBS and cart was rated for 300 LBS. these plastic ones can not stand up to the weight.
So does any one have a much more sturdier one on the market?
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
  · 2 years ago.
Rented these wheels for a 7-day trip this summer. They didn't impress. I've used various kayak trolleys for 15 years - on beaches, trails, car-parks & roads - empty & laden singles & doubles - so I have some experience on what to expect. Unfortunately, mine were back in NZ - and I was paddling in Canada - so I rented these NRS wheels.

The NRS solution for keeping the wheels on is terrible. Throw these spring-pins away and buy some stainless R-clips. One or other wheel fell off three times - dropping the laden kayak hard. (After the first event, I worked extra hard to get the pins seated perfectly. Didn't much help.) On the second occasion, the strap between the frames also snapped. That was easy to fix with some spare webbing - but I couldn't (on the trip) replace the NRS wheel-retaining pins. I did get good at walking back down the trail to find them - since the wheel doesn't fall off immediately the pin comes out. So - if you want these, replace the skimpy strap and the horrible pins with something that works. The black plastic wheels are noisy on hard surfaces and are much wider than they need to be for anything but the softest sand - but really the bigness just makes them much harder to stow in the kayak than they need to be... it doesn't detract from how they carry the boat. If NRS fixed these points - they'd be a 4-star for a single kayak. I don't think they'd ever be strong enough for a laden double.
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