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SPOT LLC SPOT Global Phone

Suggested Retail:
$499.99 USD
// $499 CAD

Communicate with family, friends, work and emergency services from beyond cell service. SPOT Global Phone is the ultimate easy to use, lightweight handheld satellite phone, boasting superior voice quality and the fastest data speeds in the mobile satellite industry.

Manufacturer SKU SPOT-PHONE-B-403
Price (CAD) 499
Weight (Oz) 7.1
Weight (Grams) 201
Type of Electronics Accessory Satellite Phone
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  · 3 years ago.
Like the title says, this is the 3rd satellite phone I've used, all for a minimum of 30 continuous field days. The other phones were heavier, larger, and less reliable. The antenna of the SPOT phone retracts, and folds down into the body of the phone, becoming a square instead of an irregularly shaped object- it made storage much easier!

The reliability and quality of the service was really what set the phone apart. With other phones, I had previously lost service if a thick cloud passed over me, or if there were any sort of elevation block at all (mountain, trees, etc.) The SPOT phone worked equally in rain, wind, and foggy days. And, even when travelling through narrow passages, or camping among old growth forests, I had no issues getting a signal, and more importantly keeping that signal.

The SPOT uses a Lithium Ion battery. SPOT's specs say 4 hours talk time, 36 standby, and I believe that. We hardly had to charge our phone- it was for weather forecasting and emergencies only, and we stored it off.

Overall, I would recommend this as my "go to" expedition satellite comms phone. It is packable, durable, and very reliable.
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