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The Early Summer issue of Kayak Angler hits newsstands today, and is loaded with your guide to new gear. From the most finesse tackle to the heaviest kayak trailer, we show you what gear you might not want to live without.

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Fishing on the Devil's River

The Ultimate Test: Conquering the Devil’s River in West Texas

Dustin Doskocil tackles the Devil’s River in southwest Texas, using only a fold up kayak and a glorified cane pole.



Fish biting a lure

How Far Has Fishing Hook Technology Come?

With new hooks coming out seemingly every day, choosing the right hook can be overwhelming. Kayak Angler editor Ric Burnley gets tips from fishing pros on what hook is right for your situation.



Rob Choi holding his trophy sheepy

Why Preparation is the Key Ingredient to Fishing Success

Kayak fishing is 99 percent preparation. Don't lose fishing hours going back to your house or the baitshop because you aren’t prepared.



The latest generation of PFDs are all about comfort and safety.

Is the War Between Anglers and Lifejackets Finally Over?

There’s no debate that your PFD is the last defense against disaster in a kayak. The latest generation of PFDs are all about keeping you safe while staying comfortable and remaining stylish.



Diver and giant sunfish

9 Weird Things You Might Not Know About Sunfish

This isn’t your local farm pond’s type of sunfish.  Learn about the huge, mysterious and freakishly secretive oceanic sunfish.



Fishermen sitting around a campfire at Kentucky's Boondoggle

The Heart of Boondoggle, the Wildest Fishing Party in Kentucky

After years of meeting on coastal water, the Kayak Fishing Boondoggle heads inland. Check out Kentucky’s unofficial start to kayak fishing season. 


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