Video: Extreme Kayak Fishing Sailfish Smackdown | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A person fighting a sailfish in a kayak Photo and video courtesy: Extreme Kayak Fishing

On the weekend of February 13 a group of extreme kayak anglers competed in leg one of the 2018 Sailfish Smackdown. They battled the most extreme conditions ever presented. In the end, the best of the best fished in three to five-foot seas and went three for nine on sailfish in the competition. These anglers really put "Extreme" in Extreme Kayak Fishing! Once again an out-of-towner won the Smackdown. This marks the third time in its history the locals have not won the EKFT Billfish Crown. The Sailfish Smackdown also had a Texas angler finish 3rd in the event. Stay tuned for Leg Two of the Sailfish Smackdown coming April 7th and 8th. 3

Jimmy Olson, Robert Field and Freddy York tagged along to help with the tournament and shoot some amazing footage. Check out the official video of leg one of the Sailfish Smackdown below:


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