Video: Back Bay's Rebirth | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
Two people kayaking in back bay. Photo and Video by Ruthless Outdoor Adventures.

The once dead bass haven is making a comeback.

In the mid 1960's the Back Bay in southeastern Virginia was one of the best bass fisheries in the world. As one man put it "When you threw a fly in one of those holes in back was like rolling a bottle of wine in a jail cell...something was gonna grab it right away." The grass was so thick and rich that no motorized boat could get around. It was a haven for anglers in small boats in canoes, kayaks and small boats.

But in 1981 it disappeared.

In this short documentary by Ruthless Outdoor Adventures, you learn about the fall of one of the countries greatest Bass Fisheries, Back Bay. Notable anglers, Including Lefty Kreh and Walt Cary touted it as the best they ever fished. This 12 minute video highlights the fall of this great fishery and the Successful efforts being made to return it to a world class fishery.


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