Hooked On Wild Waters | The Wild Wild West Coast of Florida; PT 1 | Season 2 Episode 2 | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
Drew Gregory and his dog in a kayak, while drew is holding a largemouth bass. Photo and Video Courtesy: Hooked On Wild Waters

In the second episode of Hooked On Wild Waters season two, After a long year running the River Bassin tournament, professional kayak angler Drew Gregory takes his wife Cristina and their dog Lu on a fun fishing trip to the Florida coast.

Drew meets up with Dr. Michael S. Allen, a fisheries professor at the University of Florida, to learn the rare Suwannee bass in the Santa Fe of Florida. The interesting thing about these fish is that they only eat crayfish. 

Drew tries flipping and pitching in thick vegetation. When you are flipping thick vegetation, you use really heavy test line and a one-ounce or heavier weight so you can get your bait to through the vegetation and pull the fish out.

To see if Drew and Cristina find the elusive Suwannee bass, watch the full video below.

Keep an eye out for season four in early 2018, sponsored by Kayak Angler Magazine. 

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