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Drew and Lewis Gregory bonding over a huge trout Photo and Video Courtesy: Hook On Wild Waters

Drew Gregory takes his father fishing for wild shoal bass

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In the third episode of Hooked On Wild Waters, professional kayak angler Drew Gregory takes his father, Lewis Gregory, fishing in their home state of Georgia. They chase shoal bass, and this area of Georgia is the only place you can watch this species.

Shoals are pretty much small waterfalls, with pockets where fish can hide. When Drew and his father get to the shoals in their Jackson Kayak Coosas, they see that the water level is perfect. The water needs to be high enough that the shoal bass have a place to hid in the shoals. 

Drew’s father immediately hooks up with a small crappie. Not the fish they are looking for, but a fun fish to catch any way. Lewis quickly hooks up with a three-pound largemouth bass. These river bass spend their whole life fighting current so they put up a great fight. 

Kayak fishing gives you the ability to paddle to a spot no other boat can reach, get out and wade up to a prime fishing location on foot. Drew wades up to a prime spot and hooks up with a huge shoal bass. One fight with a wild shoal bass and you’ll be hooked for life.

A day of non-stop fish catching is fun, but a day of non-stop fish catching with your dad is a memory of a lifetime. 

Watch as Drew and his father Lewis bond over their love for bass fishing and to see Lewis catch his personal best of a different species.

Keep an eye out for season four in early 2018, sponsored by Kayak Angler Magazine. 

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