Video: Why You Should Fly Fish In A Cypress Swamp | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A man standing and casting a fly fishing rod on a kayak. Photo and video by Drew LooknFishy

A bit of frustration for the fight of a lifetime.

Drew from LooknFishy recently sent us this video of fly fishing in a cypress swamp. Now one may thing this would be impossible, with the thick vegetation and lots of limbs to hang up on but it is one of Drew's favorite places to fish. 

He says, "Fly fishing in a cypress swamp isn't for everyone. Most days, no, every day I'm the only one throwing streamers among the cypress trees. Part of the fun is just getting into those tight spots. The other part is never knowing what will eat. Every tree holds a fish...make'em eat!."

If every tree holds a fish, and you're in the middle of a swamp, then you are bound to have a fun fishing day.

Check out Drew's video below:


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