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A man holding a giant trevally fish in a kayak Photo and video by Raf Vargas

Raf Vargas is a pro staffer for some of the biggest names in kayak fishing, (Hobie Fishing Team, AFTCO, NITTA Fishing Innovations, YAKATTACK, SEIGLER), and this video shows you why. In this video, he fights a giant trevally (or GT for short) in his Hobie Pro Angler 14. Check it out, and be wowed by the fight that this GT puts on.

Read his own words on the fight and watch the video below: "The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the perfect match for rough waters especially those days when you are convinced that the only way to catch fish is to go vertical jigging at 300-500 feet deep. Guam waters conditions can change within a second so this day I kept a close eye at the forecast and the swell movement. Although it was a bit challenging to maintain position, the MirageDrive was a huge help to keep my jig on the right spot with the right action. Needless to say that this quick fishing session was very productive with my first GT from the kayak. Guam kayak fishing is growing as people are realizing how easy and fun is to fish from a yak. Cheers."

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