Video: Coosa River Bass Fishing | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A kayak angler holds up a large bass fish from the seat of his fishing kayak. Screen Capture: Eric Atkins
Eric Atkins

Kayak angler Eric Atkins and his two fishing buddies search for redeye bass and Coosa spotted bass.

Kayak angler Dennis Day Jones Jr, Evan Howard and Eric Atkins spent a day on the Coosa River hunting for big redeye bass and coosa spotted bass. From Eric Atkins:

“We caught fish on all kinds of lures using all kinds of fishing methods. Evan caught many fish on his 5WT fly rod. He had the monster bass of the trip hooked up on his prototype lure but it got free right as the boat. Dennis spent a lot of time throwing aBull Shad and Bull Shad variants. It paid off. He caught a trip best 20" spotted bass along with several other nice fish. 
As it turns out, I should have only brought one rod and one lure. While I hooked several nice spots with a MegaBass Pop Max, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper proved to be the bait of the day. I must have caught near 20 fish on the lure with 10 going better than 2 pounds and a few over 3 pounds.” 


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