Video: Adirondacks Fishing Trip Part 3 | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A red old town canoe is paddled across Long Lake, New York. Screen Shot: YakFishTV

Long Lake has its name for a reason as Robert Field and three angler friends take on stage three of their 100-mile canoe fishing trip in New York state.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Part 1

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Part 2

The cold said hello to the guys by freezing their gear as a New York ‘good morning.’ This episode features the crew’s journey across the notorious Long Lake that features 15 miles of open water and cross wind. Rigging sails may have helped to boost moral but didn’t really take the bite out of being two days behind schedule. With a few casts to remind them that they were still on a “fishing trip” camp included building a fire in the snow because Rex couldn’t wait “to stop being cold.” This episode ends with a portage from hell of 1.3 miles up, over, around and a little unintentional detour in Stoney Creek. 


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