Video: Adirondacks Fishing Trip Part 2 | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media
A sign on the side of a river warning of dangerous rapids ahead. Screen Capture: YakFishTV
Screen Capture: YakFishTV

“Portaging Sucks.” Robert Field and three angler friends take on stage two of their 100 mile canoe fishing trip in New York state.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Part 1

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Part 3

When you’re not even five minutes into the video and “this is what makes boys into men” is the tagline, it’s going to be fun. Robert Field and his three angler friends take on the next two days of their Northern Forest Canoe Trail fishing trip which features portages, portages, beaver dams and big open lakes. The lack of fishing because of paddling requirements combines with snow and a mile long rapid. Oh, and just a reminder these four have barely ever canoed before, let alone paddled on whitewater.

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