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Raf Vargas

Once you've finished moving to a new country, it's time to explore the local fisheries.

"I'm no longer a stranger on the island of Guam," said Raf Vargas, a Hobie Fishing pro staffer. "In less than four months, I've sparked plenty of interest for kayak fishing within the local population by creating the Guam Yakers club, now with over 100 members. Fishing on Guam is not just a sport, it's a way of life. We fish anywhere from 6 to 3000 feet of water depth in search for pelagic fish. Here is the story behind this awesome video.
We drove early in the morning to a cove in the small village of Inaranjan on the east side of the island. We quickly noticed that the state of the sea was a bit rougher than anticipated so we did not venture more than a mile from shore. I was trolling with my Zooka tube and two rods while casting a bass rattletrap and letting it dive at around 30 feet. I got a bite and like any salt water fish, it fought like a 10 lbs small mouth bass. When I saw this fish, it was only about 12 inches and I felt like a fool after all of the drama associated with the fight. 
I decided to use this fish as live bait and proceeded to hook him and let him play behind the yak while I continued to troll. After about 30 minutes, I felt the hit while my line was taking off. I grabbed my custom AR50 Bull Bay Rod, which was equipped with a Truth Reel SM and began to fight this unknown creature. It took about 15 minutes before I could see the shark silhouette deep down below the kayak. This feisty shark fought hard and a bit dirty as he continued to drag me toward the reef. My buddy Josh Medlin kept coaching me with reef distance calls as I continued to wrestle it. 
Finally, when the shark seemed like it had enough, he trashed and dove as was his way to show me who was in charge. After a good fight, I was able to lock him up with my fish grip and land him (the bass style) for a quick hero shot. As I safely released the shark into the water, I basked in the glory of my first experience with this magnificent creature."


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