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Expert settings to dial in your fishfinder

Jay Wallen is the 2017 Hobie Bass Open Winner and all around excellent tournament angler. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook @JayWallenFishing.

I am often asked about my Lowrance Elite-9Ti settings. While every situation and lake can be different here are some of my standard settings for those of you using the TotalScan Transducer in a kayak. This should give you a great place to start and get really good images. From these settings, you should be able to make minor adjustments to your contrast and sensitivity settings as needed to fine-tune your images.

What The Settings Mean

  • 200 KHz vs 83 KHz 2D Sonar: 200 KHz is a good option for water less than 300’ deep. The 200 KHz gives a smaller cone of view but the image is much cleaner. While the 83 KHz provides a larger cone and shows more of the bottom. However, it will not show as clear of an image.
  • 800 KHz vs 455 KHz Structure/Down Scan: 800KHz will give you a clearer StructureScan picture, as a rule it will give you a good image up to 3X your depth. In other words, if you are in 20’ of water you will effectively be able to scan out to 60 feet on either side. The 455 KHz will not give as clear a picture but will allow you to see structure further out. What many people do is scan over broad areas when they are searching out structure using 455 KHz to see further out and then once they find something of interest, like a ledge, brush pile, rock pile, stumps etc. They will then scan back over the structure using 800 KHz to get a clearer image and in more detail.
  • Ping speeds are very important especially for kayak fishing. For kayak fishing be sure to slow your ping speed down. Too fast of a ping speed will drag out structure making it appear longer than it really is, along with other distortions.

Structure Scan Settings:

  • Contrast start at 64%, adjust as needed
  • Frequency 800Hz
  • Surface Clarity High
  • Noise Rejection On
  • Color Palate 5

Down Scan Settings:

  • Contrast 80%
  • Range auto
  • Frequency 800Hz
  • Surface Clarity High
  • Noise Rejection On
  • Color Palate 9

Sonar Settings:

  • Ping Speed Slow
  • Color Palate 13
  • Color line 82%
  • Frequency 200Hz
  • Sensitivity, start at 100% reduce until surface clutter is barely visible
  • Noise Rejection High
  • Surface Clarity High
  • Scroll Speed Normal
  • High Chirp

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