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A man pushing his kayak to the water on a beach. Photo by Jon Russelburg

Be the master of your kayak with these expert tips

A lot of kayak anglers didn’t start out fishing from a kayak. What they find when the transition over is that you must learn an entire new skill set to be a successful kayak angler. We have piled together seven important skills that EVERY kayak angler should know. 

diy repair
Photo: Jeff Herman

1) How to repair your kayak 

Kayaks are more heavy-duty than ever, but the truth is they are still plastic boats. Learning how to do DIY repairs can keep you safely on the water to fish longer. You need to keep a DIY repair kit in your kayak at all times.

The kit should include: 

  • Small roll of duct tape 
  • Battery powered cautery pen 
  • Scrap plastic that matches your boat 4. 
  • JB Water Weld epoxy putty 
  • Zip ties 
  • Alcohol swabs 

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Photo: Don Stubbings

2) How To Easily Install Your Fishfinder

A good fishfinder is essential for serious kayak anglers. Installing a fishfinder usually includes drilling, which no one wants to do on their new boat. But the installation doesn't have to be a chore. 

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night fishing
Photo: Ben Duchesney

3) How To Keep Night Fishing Safe

With the right gear and some precautions fishing at night can be just as fun and as safe as fishing during the day. Use these tips to stay alive when the world goes dark and make it back to the launch in one piece...so you can go out again the next night.

  • Light It Up 
  • Wear Your PFD 
  • Pay Attention To Your Surroundings 
  • Bring A Buddy

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mastering bait
Photo: Jeff Little

4) How To Master Your Fishing Bait

To be a great kayak angler, you have to know what is going on underwater. You have to know what the fish you are chasing is naturally eating. Three kayak fishing pros, Jeff Little, Joe Mouhanna and Tim Perkins, give you their tips for mastering the bait.

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knot tying
Photo: Ben Duchesney

5) How To Make Your Knot As Strong As A Guides 

No matter how good your gear is, how much you paid for your rod or how many pro staff teams you're on, if your knot isn't strong enough to hold on a good fish, then it's all pointless. If you fish with a guide for the first time, there's going to be a period in the beginning when they either tie all your knots for you, or just retie your knot when you're not looking (or eventually break off), especially if you're a beginner. Guides always have better knots than you because of two reasons: they spend all day of every day tying them, and also because they know just how important they are to land fish. 

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Photo: Ty Southerland

6) How To Safely Land A Fish

Kayak anglers are extremely close to the action. We don’t have the power of a big boat to hide behind so we have to get creative to land a fish. So we rely on using the right gear to help us out. Nets, gaff and fish grips give kayak anglers an edge over the beasts we chase.

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Photo: Ben Duchesney

7) How To Fix Your Hook Set

Those of us who learned how to fish on a big boat had to adjust our hook set when we starting kayak fishing. The kayak is much lighter and can move when you set the hook on a big fish. To fix your hook set, you need to make six adjustments.

  • Stop the Bassmaster hook set 
  • Get rid of that slack
  • Sharpen Your Hook! 
  • Watch your line 
  • Drop the tip 
  • You set the hook, now keep the line tight

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