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What do you know about dolphins?

  • Dolphins breathe through their blowholes; they cannot breathe through their mouths. This makes it impossible to inhale water while feeding.
  • Dolphins have 100 teeth, but they don’t chew. They grab fish with their teeth and then swallow them whole.
  • Dolphins have two stomachs: one for food storage and the other is for digestion.
  • Dolphins sleep with only half their brain. The other half remains awake to watch for danger and to keep them breathing.
  • Formed in 1966 by politician Joe Robbie and actor Danny Thomas, the Miami Dolphins are the oldest football team in the American Football Conference. They were the first team to play in three consecutive Super Bowls. The last time they made it was 1985.
  • Dolphins have a keen sense of touch but delicate skin. They wound easily, but heal quickly.
  • They also have excellent eyesight both in and out of the water. And, they can hear 10 times better than humans.
  • Dolphins don’t drink water, they get fluid from their food. They don’t need much water because they don’t sweat.
  • In Greek mythology, dolphins brought the sea god Poseidon his bride. As a thank you, he created a dolphin constellation in the sky. Aphrodite often rode dolphins, and Dionysus turned a band of pirates into a pod of dolphins then ordered them to save sailors in distress. In fact, dolphins have been known to rescue people in trouble.
  • “Dolphin” is the stage name of Andrey Vyacheslavovich Lysikov, a Russian singer, songwriter and rapper who won Best Artist at the 2004 MTV Russian Music Awards.

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