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What's your worst kayak fishing mistake?

Kayak anglers are a rare breed. We get used to the strange looks from the big boat anglers. They laugh us off as we catch the big fish they couldn’t get to. But we don’t often talk about how we screw up. 

With so little retail space, making a mistake could be the difference between a great fishing day, or losing all your gear to the drink. Check out these mistakes that kayak anglers frequently make. 

1) Sticking To A Dead Pattern

When fishing a tournament, you go in with a solid plan. You researched, practiced and found a pattern. But what happens when the pattern is gone on tournament day?

One of the hardest adjustments to make on tournament day is to scrap your plan and move on to a backup plan. Time is of the essence in tournaments and beating the bank when there's no fish is just waisting time.

2) Using A Scupper Cart On A Kayak Not Built For It

Very few kayak companies build their boats for scupper carts. Companies like Hobie reinforce certain scupper holes so that the force of the cart doesn’t damage the plastic hull.

Use the wrong kind of cart and you could find yourself taking on water. Be safe and research if your kayak can take the force of scupper cart.

3) Forgetting Your Seat

We’ve all been there. You load all of your gear and drive a few hours to your local fishing hole and when you start unloading you notice you left your seat at home. 

Lack of a seat won’t keep you beached, but it’s gonna make for a long, frustrating fishing day. Fight numb butt, bring your seat.

4) Forgetting Your Kayak Is On Your Car Roof

I feel this one personally. The door to my shop has a nice bend in the middle of it where I decided to change my oil before a fishing trip. Too bad I had already loaded my kayak on the roof of my SUV. 

I heard it hit, said some words that I wouldn’t say in front of my mother and had my fishing day ruined.

5) Leaving Your Keys At Home 

We drop a lot of money on our gear, so we obviously want to lock it up when we travel. The only problem is that all of the different locks can make you feel like a high school janitor with a key to every room (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that job, but this is play time not work!).

I like to use combination locks on my kayaks to lock them to the trailer or roof rack. Ive left too many keys at home and get funny looks from cops when they see bolt cutters sitting on my backseat.

6) No Toilet Paper

You know what I mean…

Thanks to our Kayak Angler - Kayak Fishing Facebook group members, Chad Monsen, Marvin Forte, John Free and Juan Veruete for the great suggestions. If we didn’t use your suggestions, keep an eye out...we may in the future.

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