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A man kneeling on a SUP holding a fish. Photo Courtesy: SUP On The Fly

Expert tips for packing for your next fly fishing trip

If you’re a SUP angler, your dream job is to jet-set around the world, fish the most exciting places for the most exciting fish and get paid for it. You’d be dreaming of Damon Newpher’s job at SUP on the Fly. As resident pro for the SUP fishing outfitter and a world-class guide, Newpher has put some miles on his passport and his boards.

“Travelling to new water and targeting new species improves my fishing back home,” he explains. Packing an inflatable fishing SUP gives him the flexibility to explore waters that might be off the tourist track. “I can travel anywhere in the world and fish spots that wade and boat anglers can’t reach,” he says. “The fish rarely see an angler.”


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Newpher packs his gear in a 35-quart cooler and checks it with his luggage. On the water, the cooler serves as storage, seat, casting platform and fish box. He’ll stuff the cooler with his PFD and an anchor to keep his gear in one place. “Use a SUP that can carry a lot of gear,” he suggests. “That way you don’t have to leave anything behind.”

The rest of his gear is packed in compression sacks that are packed in larger compression sacks. Choose gear that can be broken down for travel. “Fourpiece rods and three-piece paddles can travel as carry-on luggage.”

Before he packs, Newpher arranges all his gear on the floor of his garage and goes over each piece with a checklist. Then he uses a hand scale to weigh each piece so he stays within airline restrictions.


Rods: Four-piece rods

Bags: Smaller compression sacks to organize gear inside a larger compression sack

Boards: XXX SUP on the Fly board and travel case

Paddle: Three-piece Werner paddle


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